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News mantra. World news of political, economic and social events. Special reports and analytical reviews by our special correspondents.

The rubric "In the world news" provides a comprehensive view of the most important and significant events in different parts of the globe. We cover all events in the world that are of interest to a wide circle of readers. World news, published on our website concerning political and economic processes, notorious crimes, car racing, the brightest events of cultural life, important reforms. Reporting on economic news, we focus on events that affected the economy of the world as a whole and individual countries.In the description of political news included the opinions of foreign experts and specialists, which give assessment to the events and prediction of their future development.

In "the world news" you will find updated information about the interaction and cooperation of countries at various levels.

The rubric "In the world news" is always:

  • the most interesting world news
  • opinion of leading experts in the world
  • the most high-profile stories related to politicians and renowned personalities
  • reports from the event

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