How to make interesting decor and yummy dishes

We publish master-classes about how to make this or that thing, interesting and unusual decor at home, needlework and Handicrafts made of paper - origami, women's jewelry, with our site you can make a gift loved it-yourselfer or even a small greeting card

Home sweet home. I love your house. I love to return in the evening, after a busy day. I love to be in it at the weekend, early in the morning when still sleeping not only the whole city, but our whole family. I love to wander quietly through the apartment so did not Wake up, enjoy the silence and soak up the energy of our homes. I love our house! And no matter what under the house, I mean apartment. For me home is where I feel good where my friends and family where we are all happy together and, importantly, where light, warm, clean and beautiful! Home is where you have the strength and energy even when it's not going exactly as you would like.

Here are some tips on how to create a cosiness in the house, following which we have transformed their homes with "ordinary housing" currently, strong housing, which helps us in difficult times, pleases and rejoices with us in happy periods of life, gives strength, energy and uplifting in difficult times.

  • Rethink your attitude to that housing, what you have at the moment.
  • Get rid of old Wallpapers.
  • Stop doing "half and home-made" repairs.
  • Throw all the garbage.
  • Try to get out of my head new-fanged, hyped trends that are imposed to us by advertising and to understand what exactly is comfortable for us?
  • What we want to see in your home, from floors to ceiling.

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