All about your health and beauty how to get it

How to stay in full health, breathe deeply, live slowly and be beautiful

Proper diet and well-chosen products can help the body in its fight against ageing. The main task here is to eliminate the formation of free radicals and excrete the maximum amount of toxins, to protect the immune, cardiovascular and nervous system.

  1. Increase carbohydrate intake and reduce the consumption of protein and fat. To include in the daily diet of the antioxidants vitamins a, C, E, beta-carotene and selenium. Necessarily every day to eat dairy products and citrus fruits.
  2. to bring to the table greens and not to forget about products made from wheat. Again, this will protect us from free radicals and saturate the body with trace elements such as zinc, copper, iron, co-enzyme Q-10.
  3. to Deal with stress, another enemy of youth, adding in food as many b vitamins as well as folic acid and Biotin. In addition, do not forget about vitamins D and K, found in fish, whole grains and cabbage.
  4. Can be for a while on the platform of vegetarianism, because vegetables and fruits is a treasure trove of antioxidants. A vegetarian diet rich in carbohydrates and poor in fat. It is best to eat raw vegetables and fruits, as in the thermal cooking process, many vitamins are lost. Useful cereals, bran, rice, potatoes.
  5. Ten percent of calories should come from protein. There are peas, beans, soy and soy products, nuts.
  6. the Remaining ten percent of calories need to borrow from fatty foods. It can be vegetable oils, fish, beans and soy bean, olive and nut oils and dairy products with low fat content.
  7. Four to five times a week you need to eat fish, and not fry it, braise or bake in the oven. Meat cannot be ruled out completely, use it in the form of no fat veal or chicken, and my chicken after removing the skin.
  8. eat every day four or five varieties of fruit, mostly red, orange and yellow, green vegetables, garlic, ginseng, Chinese herbs.
  9. Increase the number of meals, reducing.
  10. Send in the trash all too long kept in the refrigerator.

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