How to get rid of freckles. How to make freckles invisible

With the first spring rays of the sun, many girls and women wonder about how to get rid of freckles on your face or at least make them less noticeable.

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Where are the freckles

Freckles are nothing like spots of all shades of yellow that appear on the skin due to deposition on it of the special pigment melanin. They are different from moles and age spots that do not contain increased number of melanocytes – cells that produce melanin. In newborns and infants initially freckles on the skin are absent, they appear with about three years, and on reaching the age of 30 almost completely disappear. Freckles not inherited, but the genetic code of each person incorporated information about their number. Usually they are owners of blond hair and red hair. Winter freckles are almost colorless and nearly invisible, but with the arrival of Sunny spring days under the influence of ultraviolet light and low concentration of melanin photoreceptive on sensitive skin can appear new freckles while existing spots become darker.

Medical ways to remove freckles

Held in beauty salons and beauty salons treatments allow fast enough to get rid of freckles or make them almost invisible. The most safe for the skin, and therefore the most popular of these is laser removal of freckles. After exposure to the laser beam in place of age spots remain small scabs, which will disappear, leaving no scars, no scars. The use of cryosurgery, when the freckles are burned, short-term exposure to low temperature using liquid nitrogen, is more radical, but less gentle way. But age spots will disappear once and for all. When you get rid of freckles with chemical peel the skin is applied to the solution of lactic acid and golevoy. Removing the top layer of skin, chemical peels remove and its dark spots. With peeling, the skin will become younger, but to use this procedure should in the winter time, when the amount of UV is minimal. Phototherapy based on the effects on the skin light pulses, is the most gentle for the skin method of getting rid of freckles, but still requires 5 to 10 treatment sessions.

Folk remedies against freckles

To camouflage spots and make them invisible in the home using simple and available tools. Bleach freckles can, rubbing them with the juice of cucumber, radish, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, sauerkraut, red and black currants, lemon juice, mixed with starch or infusion of parsley. By the way, parsley has the strongest effect of pigment spots. Infusion of parsley is prepared simply: 100 g of leaves pour a glass of boiling water, insist within 2 hours and prorezyvatsja. Of parsley you can prepare the lotion, the Gulf Cup vodka 50 g of the leaves and insisted for 2 weeks in a dark place. Clean your face 2 times a day – morning and evening. Excellent job with the freckles bleaching masks: lemon, strawberry or black currant cucumber. Effectively acts on pigment spots welded and grinded pulp of the melon. The length of mask should not exceed 20 minutes. After this time the mask must be washed off using warm water. Starting with the first spring days, protect your skin from the ingress of ultraviolet rays: before you leave home, you should rinse with infusion of tea, and then powder it or put on a sunscreen cream. Do not forget to protect your face with sunglasses and a hat with a wide brim. Be always healthy!

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