How to remove unwanted hair from the face and body. Hair removal and depilation

Ways to get rid of unwanted body hair a lot. To select the most suitable, you need to know about all their advantages and disadvantages.

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Because ways to get rid of unwanted vegetation a lot and each has its advantages and disadvantages, all available information was compiled, structured and presented in "digestible" form – in the form of a table, which we invite you to see.

Methods of hair removal. The pros and cons

Method of removal The principle of operation Advantages Disadvantages The scope of Epilation (removing hair) Epilator The device with the special tweezers, mounted on the rotating head captures the protruding hairs and removes them Ease of use and long-lasting effect Painful procedure to remove some sensitive areas of the skin All parts of the body Thread Tying a thin thread of hair, with subsequent tightening and hair removal Long-lasting effect, removing hairs at the root A significant duration of the procedure and the need for skills Upper lip and eyebrows Wax Applying to the skin of wax in the direction of hair growth with subsequent tearing trapped with wax hair Long-lasting effect Pain and the procedure is expensive, the inability to remove short hairs All areas of the body Laser hair removal The destruction of the hair follicle under the influence of a directional light beam Fast treatments, complete hair removal The need to shave the skin area before the procedure, the need to avoid sunlight for 1.5 months after the procedure Upper lip, underarms and bikini area Depilation (hair removal from the skin surface) Wet shaving Hair cutting blades, sliding over the skin A fast and painless procedure Often the need to repeat the procedure Legs, bikini, underarms Electric razor The special blades cut hairs caught in the mesh of shavers A fast and painless procedure, perfect for sensitive skin Often the need to repeat the procedure (more often than wet shaving) Legs, bikini, underarms Cream Dissolving hair on the surface of the skin chemically Painless and low cost procedure The unpleasant smell of the cream, and the likelihood of irritation of the skin surface Upper lip, underarms and bikini area If none of the considered methods of removing unwanted vegetation for some reason does not suit you, try to make the hair on the body invisible, or osvetli obescity them. Smooth and beautiful skin to you! Be always healthy!

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