How to improve your hearing with the help of special exercises. Exercises to improve hearing

In article exercises to improve the hearing will help a lot since they is quite effective, simple and affordable to execute each.

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Cause of deafness

The most common cause of reducing the severity of hearing loss is permanent residence in areas with high noise, excessive noise affects the hearing of people working in a noisy manufacturing at industrial plants or noisy governing mechanisms. Deteriorating hearing with age due to different age-related changes in the body, often the hearing loss may be caused by complications after suffering otitis media. The reason for reducing the severity of hearing loss can be trauma to the head and ear, incorrect use of potent drugs and congenital diseases of the organs of hearing.

Exercises to improve hearing

Offer exercises to improve hearing are a few modified exercises from the "heavenly drum" of Chinese medicine. They can improve hearing for all, but will be especially useful for older and middle-aged people. Indispensable will be the exercises and in the case of cochlear neuritis. During exercise improves circulation (especially the outer and middle ear), is an indirect massage of the eardrum and the auditory nerves are stimulated. Waking up in the morning and getting out of bed, you need hands in a circular motion clockwise rubbing the ears, running 10-15 friction. The elderly and persons suffering from hypertension and other diseases of the cardiovascular system during exercise should be careful, as rubbing ears to stimulate the circulation and increase the blood flow to the head. Putting her hands ear, you must run 12 times light tapping with your fingers on the back of his head. The noise in your ears will remind you of the drum beats. Tightly closed with the palms of his hands over his ears and fixed them in that position for about 1 second, you should dramatically draw the hands from the head, relieving the ear. To perform the exercise 10 to 20 times. Insert index fingers in the external auditory passages, the lungs perform a rotational movement with hands, turn in a circle pressing your fingers on the lateral wall of the auditory passages. The number of rotations: 3 times forward and 3 times backwards. Another exercise that performs the massage of the tympanic membrane: insert a finger into the ear canal, wait 1 second, and then abruptly remove the pin from the ear. It can be performed simultaneously for both ears, the number of repetitions – 10 to 20 times. At the end of the exercise 10 times you need to pull down the earlobes, holding them with the forefingers and thumbs of hands.To achieve a positive result of exercises you should perform daily, without breaks in the performance. Be always healthy!

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