How to clean the head. The secrets of beautiful and healthy hair

One of the prerequisites for the proper care of their hair is regular washing. How to wash your hair, and how often, and will be the conversation.

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How often do you wash your hair

It all depends on hair type and conditions of their "exploitation": use when styling or if your hair becomes greasy too quickly and become unsightly, wash them at least every day, and do not be confused by the assertion that frequent shampooing washes away from the surface of the scalp sebum, thereby stimulating enhanced production. If hair stays clean for several days, there is a sense in during the same time to refrain from washing the hair because, despite the usefulness of the procedure, each wash will inevitably hurt the hair, destroying their thin and delicate structure.

water Quality

An important component of correct hair care is the quality of water used for washing. Everyone knows that in the pipes of the water supply systems of our cities water is flowing too hard. Now imagine that exact same lime that remains from the water on the walls of showers, and settles on your hair. That's why tap water used to wash hair, must soften. Choose one of three easy and affordable ways to do it: dissolve 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 liter of water, add same amount of water half a teaspoon of ammonia or dilute in 1 liter of water 1 teaspoon of glycerine. If that option is available, use for hair washing bottled water, if not bottled water, filter and boil normal tap water.


In any case, don't use washing dry hair shampoo designed for oily hair. Drying components included in it, too dry and so quite dry hair, causing them to become fragile and brittle. And Vice versa – moisturizing components of the shampoo to dry hair soak the hair fat-containing substances resulting in greasy hair will become more greasy. Give preference to natural and organic shampoos, even better, use shampoos, hand-made from safe components.


To hair less tangled while shampooing, before beginning this procedure, they should be brushed. It is recommended to use a soft massage brush, which, in addition to brushing, will also perform a head massage stimulating the circulation. To comb the hair in different directions. Duration of procedure – from 5 to 10 minutes.

Washing hair

Hair before applying shampoo on them, you need to moisten with water from the roots to the tips. It is especially important to meet this requirement for those who have long hair. To avoid the revitalization of the sebaceous glands never use hot water. Water should not be cold, the optimum water temperature for hair washing – 370 P Pushing a small amount of shampoo, first RUB it in your palms and then apply to hair. When applying shampoo, you should move in smooth circular motions from the hairline to the tips. By running their fingers through your hair from roots to ends and making sure the shampoo covered every inch of them, you can begin to washout. In the case of daily shampooing once is enough to lather a little shampoo and then rinse. If the water frequency treatments is about one time in 4-5 days, should be performed applying shampoo on the head, followed by its washout. The duration of rinsing shampoo from the hair needs to be twice as long procedure of application and be at least 5-6 minutes. Why is it so important? Residues are not washed off from the hair shampoo will lead to the appearance on the scalp of small scales, and hair will be dull and inexpressive. Very useful to rinse hair after washing warm and cold water alternately to stimulate circulation in the scalp and leaving hair shiny and healthy looking. As for the health of your hair and scalp the necessary acidic pH, complete rinsing of the hair should cool acidified water. You can cook it by adding 1 tablespoon of 6% Apple vinegar in 1 litre of water for owners of dark hair. Those who have light coloured hair, water for rinsing is recommended acidified using lemon juice in the same ratio.

Dryer hair

Wiping the hair should not be too zealous, it is enough to wring out the water with the tips of the hair, and then wet them with a towel, performing a patting motion. To avoid hair damage and splitting their tips avoid brushing wet and try to drop the dryer for drying. If your hair to quickly dry, use a hair dryer in the real cold air flow.Let your hair will always be well-groomed, shiny and silky! Be always healthy!

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