How to sunbathe in the Solarium. To tan safe

With the goal to have a beautiful and even tan throughout the year, the Solarium, it is crucial to follow some rules.

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Solarium: the benefits and harms

As you know, the ultraviolet rays in the body activates the production of vitamin D that strengthens muscle and bone tissue. Artificial sun rays strengthen the immune system, help the body resist viral infections and cleanse the body skin from acne. Thanks to the UV in the body occurs secretion of hormones of happiness – endorphins, positively affecting the nervous system and psyche to blow away the depression and attacks of causeless melancholy. At the same time dry and ultraviolet rays dehydrate the skin, causing premature aging and wrinkles. Suffer and hair: the ends are split, and the hair itself becomes fragile and brittle. The melanin produced by the body under the influence of sunlight (both natural and artificial), in some cases, may promote the formation of intractable malignant tumors of melanoma. Solarium can exacerbate the course of some chronic diseases. The benefits and harms from the artificial sun depend on how exactly to carry out the rules of use of the Solarium, the main of which are the moderation and caution.

Basic rules of safe tanning

It is not recommended to visit a Solarium on an empty stomach, however is not necessary to arrange before the session and a hearty meal. A glass of juice or milk, yogurt – here's what you can afford in front of the Solarium, and the more tightly you can eat at the end of the session. To preserve the natural oiliness of the skin, it is not recommended to take before tanning bath or shower with soap. It is better to take a normal shower – it will wash away the remnants of perfume, toilet water and make-up, thereby forestalling the occurrence of allergies. After showering it is advisable not to use a towel and allow skin to dry naturally. Before a session it is necessary to remove jewelry and contact lenses, eyes close safety glasses, hair cover with disposable shower cap or tie a scarf, the chest to cover a small towel or protect the nipples of the Breasts with special labels, and to lubricate the lips moisturizing balm. Tanning time should be determined based on skin type. It is useful to ask, in the Solarium when the lamps were changed. If the replacement procedure of lamps was carried out recently, the time spent under artificial sunlight in order to avoid a burn should be reduced. Not recommended prior to tanning treatment two days in a row. Nor should the day of the visit to the Solarium to sunbathe under the natural rays of the sun. You need to give up on this day exfoliation and skin cleaning. For safe tanning you should use a special sunscreen, but not those used when tanning under the sun regular. You must strictly follow the rules of tanning and strictly adhere to the schedule of insolation.

Indications and contraindications

Recommended Solarium for people suffering from chronic bronchitis and often ill with colds. It will help with depression and stress, skin diseases and musculoskeletal disorders, ulcers, wounds and fractures. Strictly forbidden to sunbathe in the Solarium to persons suffering from asthma and tuberculosis, with clearly defined diseases of the endocrine and nervous system, atherosclerosis, hypertension and coronary heart disease. In the presence of benign and malignant tumors, bleeding, menses, the Solarium is prohibited. Pregnant women and individuals taking hormones should refrain from artificial tanning. Most importantly, before going to the Solarium you should consult with your doctor. We wish you a beautiful tan! Be always healthy!

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