How to stop eating for the night. How to get rid of the night trips to the fridge

The irresistible urge to snack in the evening is familiar to many. Meanwhile, to stop the night "trips" to the kitchen in search of tasty snap.

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About the dangers of nighttime snacking is probably known to everyone. How and where calories are transformed at night from eating muffins or slices of pizza, and what happens at night with food in the stomach. The aim of this publication is to understand why night desire to eat and how to overcome this harmful habit.

Why you want to eat at night

In most cases, the cause of the syndrome night feeding, as doctors call this habit of eating at night is not that other, as a hormonal imbalance. In people with normal metabolism levels of leptin and melatonin (the hormone of satiety and sleep) in the evening increase, creating a feeling of satiety and the desire to sleep. If late night snacking is the opposite: the levels of sleep hormones and satiety in the evening they are plummeting, prompting them to arrange a night RAID on the kitchen. After a late meal, they have a sense of peace and they can easily fall asleep. Another cause of nighttime binge eating are depression and stress, which many are trying to "seize", arranging a sleepover in the kitchen. This psychological tension by turning the train of thought for food to a certain extent, it is possible to remove, although the cause of mental discomfort from this is not going away.


The fight against harmful habit of eating at night you should begin with the establishment of the power mode. In the morning you need to replenish the body's supply of protein, fiber, carbohydrates and fats, having purchased a Cup of coffee in favor of a hearty Breakfast consisting of omelets or scrambled eggs, fish or lean meat, cereal, bran or muesli, curd, toast with butter and cheese, green tea with milk or honey. It is necessary to establish smaller meals, you will eat often — every 2-3 hours, but eating this less – about 200 grams of food. The beauty of the fractional power lies in the fact that due to frequent snacking body will not experience hunger, despite the fact that the portions eaten are minor volume and weight. In no case do not skip meals. A uniform supply of food throughout the day will help maintain normal hormone levels (including melatonin, and leptin). Pay attention to proper and balanced nutrition at work, because that is where we spend most of the day. Drink water throughout the day whenever you feel like it, don't limit your consumption of fluids. Many toward evening drawn to sweet. Do not deny yourself the pleasure, just in the evening instead of baking chocolate and prefer cottage cheese with honey, nuts, dried fruit, yogurt, milkshake, fruits, berries and juices. The last meal should be at 6 o'clock in the evening, as it is widely promoted in many sources, but for 3 hours before bedtime.

How to cheat the stomach in the evening

If the evening, in spite of all implemented recommendations on diet you are still inexorably drawn to the kitchen to the fridge, try to shift attention away from thoughts about food, having been engaged in a favorite activity, meeting with friends, watching an exciting movie or interesting TV programs. You can also arrange a short walk in the fresh air or to perform simple physical exercises. Perfectly distracts from the "hungry" thoughts of bathing with oils and aromatherapy by using scented candles or aroma lamps. Immediately after dinner, brush your teeth, the clean feeling of the mouth considerably reduces the desire to eat and will give you a psychological setting that the food today is no longer used. If the body still requires food, drink a glass of kefir, sour milk, tomato juice, plain water with a small slice of lemon or a Cup of green tea. Overnight position at the bedside of water, tea or juice in case the middle of the night you will Wake up with a sustained desire to go to the kitchen to eat. So that night feedings are not "curing" themselves from stress, depression and anxiety, and take care of your mental health. Get rid of obsessive thoughts, protect yourself from the nervous shock, grief and grief, learn to cope with sad thoughts and depression. If necessary seek medical help from a psychotherapist. Never eat at night! Be always healthy!

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