How to get rid of cerumen in the ear. How to remove a sulfuric stopper

The cause of hearing loss, feeling of fullness, noise, and even pain in the ear may be the formation of sulfuric plugs that must be removed.

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In the ear canal of the ear of the person the sulfur the glands, continually producing yellow-brown secretion, which in common parlance is called grey, although it consists of proteins, fats, mineral salts and free fatty acids. Earwax moisturizes the eardrum and prevents drying of the skin of the auditory canal, absorbs sebum, dust and dead skin particles, which are then naturally excreted to the outside, protects the inner surface of the ear from bacterial and fungal flora.

causes of cerumen

Our body is designed so that under normal conditions, during the movement of the wall of the auditory meatus, and lower jaw (while chewing food or while talking) there is a natural cleansing of the auditory canal produced from sulfur. In the case of a too narrow and curved ear canal or increased secretion of sulfur, it will not eject, accumulates in the ear canal and clog it. The most common cause of hypersecretion sulfur is a surface irritation of the ear canal due to frequent and overzealous cleaning of the ears with cotton sticks. Simply put – the more often we clean the inside of the ears, the faster forms on their surface a new portion of sulphur. In addition to the stimulation of sulfur, the use of cotton swabs leads to the displacement of its portions to the eardrum. As a result, instead of prevention, the risk of the formation of the tube is only increasing. Contributes to the formation of cerumen and the presence of ear canal foreign objects (headphones, hearing AIDS), ear covering sulphur the way out. Often cause the formation of tubes in the ears are previous diseases tonsillitis or sinusitis, which is characterized by a copious discharge of fluid into the nasopharynx. Often the appearance of cerumen is associated with inflammatory processes in the external part of the ear.

Removing cerumen

Pasty or plastilinovaya tube easily enough washed warm (370 C) water using a syringe Jean or rubber bulb hard tip. The procedure of washing cerumen painless and takes place in the office of the otolaryngologist without complication, only in rare cases may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Ear lavage is contraindicated in case of external otitis or damage to the eardrum. Dry sulfuric stopper before removing, softening, digging for three days in the ear 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. On the fourth day the tube will come out of the ear canal after rinsing the ear with warm water. If the tube is completely plugged ear canal, the doctor with the help of the ear probe with a hook will do in a sulphur plug hole. Further removal of the cap is performed by means of soaking with hydrogen peroxide and rinsing with warm water. To get rid of the tube and can be yourself. You need to lie on your side with problem ear up, one hand to pull the earlobe backwards and downwards, and the other hand to drip into the ear canal 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. After 15-20 minutes, the head should rotate, allowing fluid to drain from the ear. Usually from the auditory canal together with the peroxide out and cerumen. To fix the result, the procedure can be repeated. If you get rid of the tube in the ear at home failed, be sure to seek the help of a specialist-an otolaryngologist, who will examine and will solve your problem. Be always healthy!

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