How to shave. The secrets and techniques of shaving

In cases where the procedure is accompanied by daily shaving cuts, skin irritation and other troubles, make sure that you shave correctly.

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prep work

To dead skin cells, grease and dirt stuck between the razor blades, compromising its performance, before shaving must rinse thoroughly wash my face and neck. After that you can go to the softening of the regrown hair. Moderately hot (not scalding hot and not lukewarm) water several times to rinse the face. For a more effective softening coarse hair may be moistened in hot water a small towel, squeeze it and about a minute to attach to the face. Left to put on a damp skin a gel or shaving foam. These funds will not only contribute to a better razor glide over the skin, they will moisturise and soften hair and skin. Do not rush immediately to take up the razor, allow the components of the foam and gel for 2-3 minutes to provide their beneficial impact.


No matter what machine you will use for shaving: disposable or with replaceable blades, but the razor was sharp, as blunt blades will not cut the hairs and rip them out by the roots, destroying the follicles and damaging the skin. Begin shaving with the cheeks and temporal areas, passing machine a top-down in the direction of hair growth from beginning of vegetation up to the jawline. Movement should be smooth and confident, without excessive pressure on the razor. If your bristle hardness comparable to wire, may need another pass in the opposite direction, from bottom up. To shave the cheeks clean without irritating your skin, you can use the combined method: hold the razor is not strictly in the direction of hair growth, and obliquely – at a slight angle. You can greatly increase the efficiency of hair removal, if the fingers of the free hand to stretch the skin, making it supple and smooth. Wybrew cheeks, you can move on to the neck and the bottom of the chin. Here to shave the hair should be, working the machine in the opposite direction of hair growth from the neck to the chin. The chin and area above the upper lip are provided in order in the last turn. Hair here are the hard, so let the water and the foam will work on them a little longer, softening and moisturizing the skin. Suck in your lips inside your mouth and pulling so the skin, you must send the razor vertically and not horizontally, but obliquely. So the mustache and beard will srivatsa easier and better quality with fewer passes of the blade. Throughout the shaving process is necessary after every two or three passes of the machine thoroughly rinsed in warm water to prevent clogging of cut hairs, the space between the razor blades.

Final part

Flushing from the face of the remnants of the foam, rinse it with cool water and then dry with a towel without rubbing the skin, but only gently soaked. Examining the face and finding it missing parcels with single hairs, they should be put in order, walking up to him soaked in hot water razor without the gel or foam. At the end of the shave the owners of oily skin is necessary to treat the skin with Cologne or alcohol-based liquid after shaving. Those who have normal skin or dry type, it is preferable to use a moisturizing lotion. For particularly sensitive skin, use tonic and moisturizing cream after shaving.Let the skin of your face will be smooth, perfectly shaven, without irritation, spots and cuts! Be always healthy! Good luck to you!

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