How to avoid split ends of hair. How to prevent trichopterus

Split ends usually indicate the wrong hair care products, so besides the treatment of trichoptilosis need to pay attention to its prevention.

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Trichopterus and its causes

Trichoptilosis in medicine is called a defect of the hair shaft, which is manifested in incomplete transverse hair breakage, whereby there is a longitudinal splitting of hair at their ends. When trichoptilosis section of the tip of a hair of length 2-3 cm splits into two or three branches, having a Y-shape. Splitting hairs is most common in women with long hair, although sometimes observed owners of short hairstyles. Trichoptilosis affected not all the hair, and individual hairs surrounded by normal healthy hair. Unhealthy hair becomes dry, weak and lifeless. The first cause of trichoptilosis are internal diseases and disorders (anemia, endocrine pathology, tuberculosis, syphilis, etc.), the second cause may be skin diseases type of seborrhea, ichthyosis and atopic dermatitis, the third leading cause of split ends of hair is usually improper hair care and exposure to external factors (UV rays, chlorinated water, excessive heat or cold exposure).


In most cases, despite the abundance of large-scale advertised masks, balms and conditioners, the only way to get rid of split ends is trimming them. Better to do it hot scissors – the ends of the hair from temperature effects will stick together and become stronger. Doing the haircut all or split ends, you need to create a habit every two months to cut the hair about 1 cm, regardless of their condition at the time of visit. By regularly trimming your hair will grow faster, become stronger and healthier. If the cause of trichoptilosis are dysfunction of the organs or systems of the body, should conduct a full medical diagnosis and begin getting rid of the root causes of split ends.


In the first place should take care of getting the body in sufficient quantities of vitamins A, B. C and E, as very often on their deficits, in addition to suffer hair and nails — they flake and become dull and brittle. You need to think about whether the length of your hair in individual characteristics of your hair. Very often dry and thin hair simply can not withstand the severity of long haircut: the follicles are destroyed, there is an infringement of the keratin layer and hair structure as a whole. Limit the number of experiments with his image – too-frequent bleaching, coloring, perming and straightening with chemical substances able to kill even the most healthy hair. Do not use to wash your hair too hot water and use shampoo designed for your hair type. Be sure to moisturize their conditioner. Wiping the hair, do not RUB it with towel, instead gently blot them. Separate conversation – about the "benefits" of hair dryers. If you need to quickly dry your hair no, set it aside and allow hair to dry naturally. If not the dryer for any reason not possible, dry them hair is not completely or do not use the flow of hot air. For combing long hair is not preferable to use a massage brush, comb or comb with wide teeth. Avoid combing wet hair. Leave-in conditioner applied to the ends of her hair before leaving the house, guaranteed to protect them not only from the sun but from the cold frosty air and drying winds. Be always healthy!

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