How to treat mosquito bites. How to remove itchiness and swelling after mosquito bite

In cases where to avoid the bites of annoying and harmful blood-sucking insects failed to relieve the unpleasant symptoms will help simple and efficient means.

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Why itchy bite

Male mosquitoes are content with juice and nectar plants, the females need the protein contained in the blood of warm-blooded animals. Otherwise, during the period of egg laying each female of these insects instead of the two hundred eggs lay less than fifty. What happens at the moment of the bite? Place for his bites of mosquitoes choose the most thin and delicate skin, where blood vessels are located in close proximity to the skin. Punctures its proboscis to the skin first, and then when they reached a blood vessel, the female mosquito pierces the wall of the capillary and injects her own saliva, which contains special substances are anticoagulants, which prevent collapsing of blood. The human immune system, detecting foreign substances in the blood, trying to block them. An anticoagulant released by mosquito bite and have distinctive histamine property that causes an allergic reaction, accompanied by intolerable itching, redness and swelling and sometimes a rash on the skin surface. That is why it is so important not to comb bitten by a mosquito the area of the body, to prevent the spread of mosquito histamine into the surrounding tissue. Otherwise, the bitten place will itch even more and the swelling will increase.


First of all, the site of the bite should be washed thoroughly with warm water and soap, removing from the skin surface pathogens. In the pharmacies has lots of antihistamines, releasing without prescription. The most famous and common of these is chlorpheniramine, hydroxizin, diphenhydramine, suprastin and tavegil. It is one of these drugs should be taken to relieve the itching and reduce the degree of allergic reaction. Will help when the bite ibuprofen and naproxen, removing inflammation and swelling by reducing the body area exposed to the attack of insects. Directly on the bite necessary to apply an antihistamine or hydrocortisone cream. Will relieve swelling and reduce itching wiping the skin with alcohol or Cologne. There are also special medical facilities for treatment of the mosquito bitten area of the skin, which are produced in the form of sprays, lotions, balms and pencils.

traditional medicine

Soda paste made of 3 teaspoons of baking soda and one teaspoon of water, successfully neutralizes the toxins produced in the site of the bite, reduces itching and inflammation. It is applied on the bite and let dry. After about half an hour on the skin cause a new portion of soda, and so on throughout the day. A paste of soda is an indispensable tool for people with sensitive skin and children. Instead of a paste from baking soda can be used toothpaste. Will reduce itching and pain relief wiping bitten by mosquito's place a clove of garlic, inner side of banana peel or lemon. Similar action has and aloe juice, it is necessary to lubricate the bites several times a day. The paste of plantain leaves, parsley, mint, or cherry, plotted on the mosquito bitten area of the body that will reduce pain and itching, and the juice of dandelion or green onion will help relieve the swelling.If the mosquito bites have formed an impressive swelling, but after 2-3 days he started having severe headaches, fever, there is lethargy and drowsiness, there is an increase of lymph nodes, you should immediately see a doctor. The probability of Contracting malaria or dengue fever, though negligible, but there is. Be always healthy!

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