As not to harm the health of the hair. Harmful hair

Having decided to experiment with the hair to change its look with a new hairstyle, remember about the dangers of any impact on the hair, with the exception of normal mowing.

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Is the most harmful way to give the hair fluffiness and volume. Acid Perm thioglycolic acid enters the hair, revealing his scales. The internal structure of the hair swells, thereby formed a hard steady curls. Acid perms are contraindicated in the case of soft and thin, dry and brittle hair, as well as in the case of high sensitivity of the scalp. More gentle on the hair, but is less resistant alkaline perms, in which the active substance penetrates into the hair and reveals his scales. It is not suitable for straight hair hard. Neutral Perm is pH-neutral fluids, amino acid contains amino acids and proteins, and uses biowave sulfides. These gentle types of waves, however, adversely affect the hair, breaking to a different extent in their structure and making them less healthy.

the hair

For extension fit only absolutely healthy hair, because they will double (or even triple) the load in the form attached with the help of small capsules of artificial hair. Weakened hair in most cases after the building starts to fall. After 2-3 months, the hair extensions need to be corrected, because during this time, your own hair grows for about 3 cm and begin to knot, stumbling into mats. Removal of capsules from such hair is painful, in some cases, hair even have to cut the roots. But even the regular procedure of removing capsules with hair extensions is fraught with loss of hair, under unfavorable conditions of their loss can be a quarter of the total.


Biolaminirovanie hair method is relatively new. It consists in applying the composition of protein components and cellulose in pre-treated with an alkaline hair gel. While negatively charged particles are attracted to bilaminated hairs, with a positive charge. As a result, around each hair creates a thin protective film. Yes, after biolaminirovanie hair get Shine and become more supple and obedient, but this happens due to the exposure to strong chemical composition that performs splitting hairs. Whether it is useful for their health?


Innocuous at first glance, ponytail, constant wearing creates the tension of the skin at the roots of the hair, disturbing its circulation. As a result most of the hair will not receive the necessary nutrition, the hair will dwindle and drop out. Besides hair, constricted at the base of the tail, will inevitably be destroyed by mechanical impact on them constricting elastic bands or clip (especially metal). Ponytail can cause headaches caused by poor circulation to the head.


The technology of weaving afrokosichek is in addition to natural hair cotton, acrylic yarn or synthetic hair – kanekalon costs. As a result, a single strand of natural hair added two strand faux. The ends of the braided pigtails are fixed the burning, sinking down into boiling water or tying knots. Utilisant hairstyle creates a significant physical load on the muscles of the neck, so you should not at first be surprised by painful sensations in the neck and nape. As in the case with the ponytail, pull the hair afromosia downward, increasing the load on the roots and leaving hair in exhaustion. In summer and winter, this hairstyle creates a discomfort and an inconvenience: because afrokosichek large areas of skin on the head are naked, in the chilly days head warm and in the summer heat is to stay cool, not excluding the danger of getting sunstroke. Besides it is not recommended to frequently wash the hair with this hairstyle.

the Pompadour

Most often resorted to fleece the owners of fine and thin hair, trying to give them volume. Separated from the hair strand of hair is drawn perpendicular to the head, then run a short comb combing movement against the hair growth, first step back a little from their roots, gradually moving to the tips. Mechanical damage of hair scales occurs twice: first, during the execution of the NAP, and then when you try to comb your hair normally. From such procedures even healthy and normal hair becomes dull and brittle, brittle and weakened – simply "die".The safest form of hairstyles is wearing the flowing hair. If they get in the way, braiding them into a lightweight and loosely braid. Let your hair will always healthy!

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