How to store the medication. Your home first aid kit

Tablets, capsules, powders, pills, vitamins, syrups, sprays, ointments and dressings – all of these tools from the home kit need to be stored properly.

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Most medications are perfectly tolerate storage at room temperature from +15 to +220 C. Special temperature conditions need only some products in the manual which explicitly stated the need for storage in a cool place: the ointments, remedies for ears, eye drops, suppositories, insulin, vaccines, drugs based on interferon or containing bifidobacteria. The optimal place of storage of such drugs is the middle shelf of the refrigerator or the door. In the new models of refrigerators for this there are special compartments where the temperature is maintained in the range from +2 to +80 C. it is Not necessary to show excessive concern, putting medications in the freezer. As a rule, when temperatures are below zero most of the medicines lose their properties. Dangerous medicine is and heat. Especially the heat-sensitive antibiotics, hormones and vaccines. Insulin, had been in the heat just under an hour, becomes unusable within a month, and the nitroglycerin loses its medicinal properties in a day.

Protect from light and moisture

When exposed to light (especially direct sunlight) properties the most part of medicines change beyond recognition. And well, if the drug will lose its medicinal properties, much worse, if the formula is changed so that the use of drugs can become dangerous for health. That is why such medicines should be stored in a locker, a box with opaque walls, or use this special kit. The drugs, Packed in containers made of dark glass, to protect against the destructive effects of light do not need. Because of its hygroscopicity pills, powders, plasters, bandages and cotton wool actively absorb moisture and lose their suitability. Many people make a big mistake, placing the first aid kit with medicines in the bathroom or kitchen, where humidity is always high. The storage of medicines must be dry.


It is hardly necessary to prove to anyone that medication in liquid performed outdoors evaporate, especially if they are prepared using alcohol. Careless storage together with liquid Foundation and evaporate volatile substances of the drug. The oxygen contained in the air is a powerful oxidizer and predict the end result of the oxidation reaction of the drug very difficult. One thing is for sure – the effectiveness of the medicinal product by interaction with the air only going to get worse and weaker. All the bottles and vials of medicines should be tightly closed. For the same reason, tablets must be stored exclusively in its original packaging.


First aid kit with medical tools should be stored in a place where she was always on hand to at the critical moments not to waste precious time searching for drugs. At the same time, it should be located in an inaccessible location for young children, the elderly, persons with mental illness and people with low vision. Bottles of tinctures, syrups and ointments should be stored separately from tablets. For children's medicines keep a separate bag, box or package. In a separate bowl place the first aid: hydrogen peroxide, Zelenka, iodine, ointment against burns. In the fifth box and put a bandage, cotton wool and band-AIDS.

Accounting and audit of medicines

Periodically a kind of audit-the inventory of medical supplies. Drugs with expired shelf life without regret send in the trash. It is in the bucket and not in the sewers. It's good to keep a registry of drugs available in the house. This is the best suited folder with transparent files. On the first page should be a list of current medications where you can put a stamp on ending the vehicle in order in the near future to fill up the Arsenal kit of the missing drug. In other files it is advisable to put instructions to medicines (preferably in alphabetical order). Having such Affairs you always can quickly find the right instructions and to clarify or to refresh your memory, dosage and contraindications of a drug.Let your home medical kit will always be in order. We wish you to look into it as little as possible, solely for the purpose of audit! Be always healthy!

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