How to whiten nails at home. Causes of yellowing nails

To ensure that you get rid of unpleasant yellowing nails, you first need to understand the reasons for this unattractive phenomenon.

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Why yellow nails

Yellowness of the nails can be congenital, because of onychogryphosis. In this disease the nail plate thickened, and extremely rigid, raised up and curved to the side, has kohtaamaan form. Nails onychogryphosis striated longitudinal and transverse lines, and their color is brown or dirty yellow. One of the common acquired diseases of the nails is onychomycosis. This fungal disease results in the thickening and delamination of the nail plate with pronounced grooves on its surface and a yellowish tinge underneath. Nail color changed to yellow, green or brownish-black. In dystrophic onychia occurs dysfunction of the nail matrix because of the shock region of the epithelium of the nail bed. Patients in the nails appear curved transverse grooves Bo, accompanied by fragility of the nail plate. The nails thicken, they appear petechial the tubercles and depressions. The color of the nails yellow-grey. The cause of dystrophic onichi can be a number of diseases: pneumonia, malaria, scarlet fever, typhus and typhoid fever, syphilis, leprosy, tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, polio, rheumatism, atherosclerosis, varicose veins, disorders in the endocrine system, gipovitaminoz and long nekontroliruem or antibiotics. Often the cause of nail dystrophy become of intoxication, due to unhealthy conditions of production, and in the case of chronic alcoholism. Another bad habit that causes yellowing of the nails, is Smoking, and the nails in this case does not turn yellow from tobacco smoke, and because of an accumulation in the organism of harmful substances contained in the fragrant haze. Abuse of strong tea and coffee leads to accumulation in body tissues of pigment that causes the yellowing of not only teeth but also nail. Yellow nails and from exposure to external factors: ultraviolet radiation from tanning and natural sun light, aggressive detergents and cleaners, use of low-quality nail Polish,

Whitening fingernails

If the yellowing nails are caused by disturbances in the organs and body systems, communicable diseases and fungus before bleaching your nails you need to see a doctor, undergo a medical examination and to proceed to treat the root cause, modify the conditions of their professional activities on a more healthy, replenish the stock of vitamins in the body, to abandon bad habits and adopt measures to protect the nails from exposure to external factors. Only then makes sense for whitening of the nails and giving them original appearance. Mix in a ceramic or glass container baking soda with water in equal proportions, apply the resulting mush on your nails, leave on for half an hour, and then rinse thoroughly with warm water and Pat hands dry. In the bowl of neutral material (ceramic or glass) squeeze the juice of 1 lemon, diluted it with a glass of boiled water, put in a bowl the fingertips and take a bath for 15 minutes, then be sure to wash your hands or feet and wipe them dry. In addition to the baths you can wipe nails with a slice of lemon or inner side of its peel. Causing on the surface of your nails with toothpaste using a used toothbrush, you need to do it light circular movements, then leave toothpaste on your nails and after 10 minutes rinse with water. Mask of strawberry nourishes and strengthens not only the face, it is useful for nails. Thoroughly washing the berries and wiping them through a fine grater or a strainer, you need to apply them for 15 minutes onto the affected nail, and after this time rinse. Whiten the nails and baths with the use of sea salt. Helps and Apple cider vinegar bath Apple cider vinegar and boiled water, mixed in equal amounts, taking 10-15 minutes, then rinse and wipe dry. Let your nails will always be healthy, strong and beautiful!

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