How to provide first aid for an electric shock

In an age when electrical networks and devices is present everywhere, the rules of rendering first aid in case of electric shock, everyone should know.

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the Destructive action of electric current

When an electric current passes through the human body is heating of body tissues ending sometimes deep burns, body fluids and blood due to electrolytic processes can decompose into components due to irritation or excitement of the nerve cells, tissues and muscles may experience twitching of the muscles of the body, serious violations of activity of respiratory, Central nervous and cardiovascular systems. When the body is exposed to an alternating current by frequency 50 Hz power 10 mA and DC power of 50 mA occur uncontrolled convulsive muscle contractions and the passage through the body of the alternating current value of 100 mA and constant current value 300 mA cause cardiac fibrillation. The severity of electric shock depends not only on the magnitude of the electric current, but also on the exposure time it on the body, physical and mental state of a person, the electrical resistance of body tissues, which is reduced in the elderly and children, General weakness, malaise, fatigue and alcohol intoxication.

removing a victim from the effects of the current

You first need to de-energize the equipment or wire that caused the electric shock of a man. This is good for all methods: turn off the switch, turn on or off the tube at the electrical panel, to stop the supply of power disconnection of the nearest plug socket is. In case of impossibility of terminating the supply of electric current by regular means, it is necessary to individually cut the power cables using any sharp objects with insulated handles. If this is not possible, the victim must pull from the electrical installation, or reset the wire with any non-conductive object. It is important to protect yourself from exposure to electricity, wearing rubber gloves on his hands or by wrapping them with a dry cloth. On your feet it is advisable to wear rubber shoes, in the event of her absence to put under the foot rubber Mat, dry Board or a collapsed dry clothes. Pull the victim over the edge of the garment, avoiding contact with open parts of his body.

First aid

Immediately, in 10-20 seconds, you need to determine the degree of injury to a person by an electric current. Having laid the victim on his back and unbuttoned clothes, restrict breathing, check his pulse at the neck in the region of the carotid artery or the radial artery in the wrist area, to verify the presence of breathing by raising and lowering the rib cage, to check the circulation of the brain by the presence of reflex contraction of the pupil of the eye after exposure to bright light. If the victim is conscious, but a long time exposed to electric current or woke up after fainting, it is necessary to ensure peace with follow-up of him within 3-4 hours, but it's better to call the medical emergency team. You can give him warm tea, 20 drops of tincture valerenic and a heat shield blanket. In case of deterioration of the condition of the victim, with the appearance of heart failure, frequent intermittent respiration, pallor of the skin, should immediately proceed to perform artificial respiration and cardiac massage. It is forbidden to stop running reanimiruyet measures before the arrival of the doctor, they need to continue and in the case where the victim completely lacks all signs of life. Remember that your persistence and patience you can save a man's life. Use extreme care when using electricity! Be always healthy!

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