How to choose a comb for your hair. Tool selection for hair care

The beauty and health of hair largely depends on proper and regular brushing. Let's talk about the main criteria for selection of combs for hair.

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The ideal material for combs is bone, animal horns or tortoise shells. Due to the almost identical physical and chemical properties with the properties of a person's hair damage combs made of natural materials, is reduced to zero. Disadvantages of bone combs – their fragility and high cost. Slightly inferior bone combs made of natural bristle. These combs are expensive and require a constant care. Alternative they are more hygienic, less gentle artificial bristles made of nylon. There is a compromise and a combined variant of the combs of the bristles, consisting of mixed between natural and artificial bristles. Another great material for brush – wood. The lack of effect of electrification and respect for the hair are undeniable advantages. The surface quality of wooden combs should be high enough not to cause damage hair and scalp. Combs made of wood need regular cleaning. Like wooden, metal combs are not electrified. They are easy to care, sturdy and durable. However, there is a combs of metal property, will neutralize all their advantages. It is their tendency to oxidation. You should know that by scratching the painted metal hair comb, metal oxides, having entered reaction with the substance of hair dye can unpredictably change the color of your hair. Combs are known manufacturers of this lack are deprived. Plastic combs are inexpensive and easy to care for, however, from their frequent use, the hair become brittle and split. More sparing in this respect are the combs of other materials — silicone or carbon.


Combs flat shape are designed exclusively for combing. Their teeth may be the same along the entire length, and to vary the frequency of the location and thickness for different parts of the instrument, that is to be combined. In addition to combing the hair, massage brush and massage the skin of the head, stimulating its circulation, which has a beneficial effect on hair growth and skin condition. Hair brushes bristle are designed to smooth and delicate split hair. The main area of their application – children's, dry or damaged hair. Extremely wide range of combs for hair styling. Brushing and skeletal combs are used for styling waves, extra volume hairstyle attach with a comb-forks, creating partings impossible without a comb with long pointed handle, and the execution of the hair – no comb with alternating teeth of different lengths.

the Choice of the comb, depending on hair type

For combing long hair, it is preferable to use a brush or comb with large teeth rare, holders of short hairstyles can use a massage brush and a comb flat shape. With curly and unruly hair excellent handle comb made of silicone, thin hair better to comb massage brush with bristles frequent. For extended hair will need a comb with three large teeth and several small, spaced between them. The choice of combs also depends on the condition of the hair: oily hair is better to comb bone or wooden combs, and for dry and brittle hair, it is preferable to use a massage brush with soft teeth. Let your hair will always be irresistible, and her hair is healthy and beautiful!

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