How to increase your appetite. Simple and effective methods of raising your appetite

Lack of appetite, change of taste habits and the resulting significant decrease in food intake pose a severe health threat.

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Giporeksija and anorexia

Modern medicine of all kinds of violations of appetite allocates two associated with reduced appetite or total lack of it. The terms, which are denoted by these diseases are called giporeksija, and anorexia. Short-term loss of appetite due to various mental, emotional and physiological reasons can be observed almost every. However, if the state of hyporexia or anorexia becomes a prolonged form, continuing more than two weeks, should immediately see a doctor and undergo scheduled medical examination, because the causes of the violation of appetite can be a dysbacteriosis, gastritis, cholecystitis, stomach ulcer, infection or cancer. Often causes of hyporexia and anorexia are unhealthy diet, starvation, uncontrolled intake of drugs, Smoking, substance use, pathological depression, or a constant state of stress. In the case when the cause of reduced appetite is not too serious, it can be recovered in a simple and accessible ways.

nutrition and diet

No need to force your body large portions of food. It is advisable to go for 5-6 meals a day, where the meals will be more often, and portion sizes are smaller. The appetite came on schedule, eating at the same time. Diversify your menu, cook meals from your favorite foods. Set the table so that only one of his kind mouth watering. In any case do not pass up Breakfast! Healthy and balanced Breakfast will start the mechanism of metabolism after a long night and prepare the body for the day ahead. Do not eat alone. The meal in the company of a pleasant companion will give a lot of positive emotions. Often organize family dinners or invite your friends to share a meal with you. If you eat you still have to yourself, turn on your favorite music, movie or TV show. The use of plates of great size "fool" your brain and make him believe that you eat small portions of food. A large half-empty plate of food is much easier psychologically than a small plate full to the brim with the same amount of food. Reduce intake of fiber. Vegetables, fruits and whole grain products more time is required for processing by the body, therefore the feeling of satiety will be prolonged. But we have dinner quite the opposite effect! Often loss of appetite caused by dehydration. To maintain water balance at the right level, drink water throughout the day in small portions but often. Proven and substantiated, the daily rate of water for humans is 1 to 2 liters.

Spices, herbs, seasonings and bitterness

It is unlikely that the appetite will rise from the boring and bland food, but the use of different herbs and spices will make your stomach nice to sourcing. Let the battle bland and bored meals, using pepper, mustard, horseradish, oregano, rosemary, thyme, Basil and fennel. Widely use natural appetite stimulant – cinnamon. Add it to tea, coffee or cocoa, sprinkle the sandwiches with butter, in the end, just add to homemade cakes. Significantly increases the appetite the intake of bitter herbs. Infusions of calamus, mugwort, sweet grass, plantain, dandelion and yarrow will irritate the stomach lining, causing the body to produce saliva, thereby reflexively increasing the appetite.

Fresh air and physical activity

Regular airing of living spaces and the fresh air will enrich the body with oxygen and will give him a boost of energy. Moderate exercise and doing simple physical exercises will require the expenditure of energy that make up the body can receive and digest a portion of food. Therefore, the energy spent will stimulate the appetite. We are not talking about intense workouts in the gym, be a small half-hour walk in the fresh air before eating. Give up Smoking and encourage your body to receive pleasure in something else, most often a substitute for tobacco becomes food. Alternate periods of work and rest, learn to relax, forget about stress and depression. Be always healthy!

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