How to determine your skin type. Determining skin type

To ensure the skin of your face appropriate and competent care, the first thing to do is to determine its type, carefully studied her through the mirror.

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test skin

To quickly and accurately determine the type of his skin is enough to perform a simple test: to wash the face with barely warm water without the use of detergents, and in two hours be applied to the face a paper towel and carefully consider left footprints on it. Absolutely clean napkin will witness a dry type of skin, a small amount of greasy residue will indicate a normal skin type, if grease on a napkin a lot, and they are spaced out evenly across its surface, your skin is fatty, in the case where the grease stains on the cloth, form figure, shape similar to the letter T, your facial skin is combination.

Dry skin

Yellowish-pink color, narrow pores and thin delicate epidermis – these are the distinctive features of dry skin. In her youth, she looks extremely attractive, however quite early on it the first wrinkles appear, it is susceptible to aging more than other skin types. Very sensitive to the impacts of external factors and climate change. Sun, frost, wind and water lead to redness, irritation, skin peeling, and various allergic reactions. After washing with soap and water is reduced, causing a feeling of tightness. Dry skin more than others needs regular hydration and nourishment.

Normal skin

Smooth, pure and elastic, with a delicate pink hue. It occurs mostly in children. In adults – a rarity, as only happens in perfectly healthy people. With age usually develops in dry or oily skin. Normal skin is not afraid of heat and cold, it is free from acne and other cosmetic flaws. The pores and blood vessels on it are practically invisible. Unlike other skin types do not require special care.

Oily skin

Characteristic of adolescence and youth, periods of puberty and hormonal changes the body. After reaching the man about 40 years old in many cases become drier. Skin color is yellowish-grey or pink-red, signs, Shine and enlarged pores. Oily skin often suffers from occurrence of inflammation and the appearance of acne, the cause of which is usually produced by the sebaceous glands sebum, which mixes with dead skin particles of skin and dirt, forming sebum. Caring for oily skin is its drying.

Combined (mixed) skin type

The peculiarity lies in the fact that in the area of the chin, nose and forehead (called the T-zone) oily skin and in the neck, cheeks, temples and eyes dry. Skin care mixed type should be separate, with the use of funds and for oily and dry skin, this is especially important in the case if the contrast between different areas of skin is too large.

Other types of skin

Sensitive skin external signs are very similar to dry skin. Its main signs – dryness, redness and capillaries showing through the thin skin. If after the blunt end of the handle on the cheek on her remains slightly swollen strip of pink hue, this skin type is sensitive. Problematic skin type its name to the large number of irritations, inflammations and various pimples. Looks like oily skin that requires drying, cleansing the skin, comply with diet and sleep, maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Aging skin becomes such in virtue of its loss of fat and moisture. It looks very dry and hard. With wrinkles it can be spots. Requires greater attention, constant nourishment and hydration. Having defined the type of skin, left to take care of them so that it was healthy, soft and velvety! Be always healthy!

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