How to comb hair. The rules for combing hair

Are you sure that you correctly brush my hair? Do not rush to answer, read the correct technique of combing the hair, and then draw conclusions.

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tool Selection for hair care

An important condition for proper care of the hair is the material from which manufactured combs, brushes and combs. Very good for brushing bone combs because they have similar properties with physical and chemical properties of human hair. They carefully treat your hair, yet it electrifies them. Combs made of horns and shells are fragile and quickly wear out. Good material for combs and hairbrushes is wood. The brushes are preferably selected from natural bristle. Gently treating the hair, they need constant care – regular brushing and washing. Metal and plastic combs, combs and brushes due to the low cost are the most common tools for hair care. They are hygienic and easy to care for, but you should use them carefully so as not to damage your hair and scalp of their hard teeth. Tools made of plastic has a significant disadvantage – during combing they electrified and electrify the hair. Whether you choose a comb or brush, be sure to check the quality of the processing of their teeth, they should be smooth, without cracks and burrs. The teeth should not be sharp, their ends must be rounded.

Rules of combing

Never brush wet or damp hair! This is especially true for owners of long hair. Besides absorbing the moisture of the hair is very sensitive, they are still significantly heavier, so in the process of combing can vyderzhivatjsya with roots, unable to bear the load. Long hair start combing from the free ends, gradually moving to the roots, combing short hair, you can start directly at the roots. Hand movements should be smooth and unhurried, otherwise, hair can be broken down, tied in knots, or even to escape. After each pass of the comb or brush is recommended to perform the smoothing down with the palm of his free hand. In the process of combing hair is better cleansed from dirt and dust, it is recommended to comb them in all directions: in the direction of growth, in opposite and laterally. Owners of long hair, it is recommended to lie down so your head slightly hanging off the bed or sofa. Combing from the nape of the neck are executed in all directions. The supine position can be replaced sedentary, sitting and tilting her head down so that hair was hanging down between his knees. You can comb my hair and standing up, tilting down the torso and head. The tilt of the head required in all embodiments of combing, because it increases the blood flow to her skin. Frequency of brushing the hair should be at least two times a day – morning and evening, the duration is 5 to 10 minutes, depending on hair length. Correct combing your hair not only cleans away dust and dirt, increases blood flow to the scalp, improves nutrition of hair follicles, but also provides a uniform distribution of sebum along the entire length of hair. Let your hair will always be delicate, beautiful and silky! Be always healthy!

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