How to provide first aid for foreign body in the airway

When hit in the respiratory tract foreign body seconds count. On how quickly you will have a first aid directly affects the lives of the victim.

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Causes and signs of ingress of foreign bodies into the respiratory tract

Young children in the early years of his life exploring everything around them, trying to push her mouth in the most inappropriate items. It happens that during a deep breath of the subject captured by the stream of air rushes in the throat, stuck in the respiratory tract. Children can not only choke on foreign objects, often a small child, only just learning the skills of chewing and swallowing solid food, can swallow too large a piece, which becomes the cause of shortness of breath. Suffer and adults. Often a lively conversation during the meal may cause the ingress of food into the windpipe. Another reason for the extreme situation can be a bad habit to hold in mouth for foreign objects type of matches, studs or pins. In the end, you can choke and seemingly innocuous candy or chewing gum. A foreign object or piece of food getting instead of the esophagus as the larynx partially or completely covers the access of air to the lungs, resulting the person has frequent and sudden cough, which is the body's attempt to get rid of the reflex of the subject, making breathing difficult. Breath is difficult, or even impossible, which is why asphyxiation, the skin of the face and neck reddens, and then becomes cyanotic hue. If in the first moments not to render first aid to the injured, there is a phase of loss of consciousness, irregular breathing or stop with all the ensuing consequences. Procrastination in this situation is death. That's why every adult (and even adult) people simply obliged to know. how to act in such situations.

Help yourself

If the trouble has happened to you, you need to slowly inhale, trying to get a deep breath. Then bend down so that her head was at waist level or even lower. Tapping the center of the chest half-bent hand, you need to make a sharp exhale. Actions performed in most cases make unwanted object away from the throat and leave the body, coming out through the mouth together with the air flow. If the first try to get rid of the foreign object you are unsuccessful, repeat attempts again and again. If the measures taken do not lead to the desired result, please seek the help of others, giving them gestures to understand that you need their help.

First aid suffering from suffocation

With one hand grasping the victim under the abdomen with the other hand tilt his torso as low as possible and during sharp exhalation of air them knock bent palm of the second hand on his back opposite the chest. Quickly and in an accessible form explain to him about the need to respect them with silence, as all his attempts to say something will cause a sharp inhalation of air, resulting in promotion of a foreign object in the larynx to the bronchi and lungs.

Method about husbands that cheat

Approaching the victim from behind and clasping his arms around his waist, feel for the plot of the abdomen just below the xiphoid process. If you do not know where the xiphoid process, just select the area between the navel and rib cage. Placing the fist of one hand should firmly grasp it with the palm of the second hand. You can also capture the hands in a castle or take one hand around the wrist of the other hand. Giving the command to the victim to make a sharp exhale, you must exhale to hug his chest to his back to perform a few hand jerks towards yourself and slightly up. By acting on the diaphragm of the victim thus, quite often a foreign object first emerges from the larynx to the outside. If the attempt is not successful, do not despair, repeat it 5-6 times.

help a child

To help the child will need another course of action. Using the method of Mofenson, the child should lay on his stomach on the bent leg of an adult so that the baby's head was below the torso. Sharp Pat the palm of the hand, folded like boats, you can help the child to free itself from a foreign object stuck in the throat. There is another method applicable to young children: putting the child back on a hard surface, it is necessary to lift his chin, pushing the baby's head back. Resting two fingers in the children's area of the abdomen between the navel and the lower edge of the thorax should be performed fast and strong enough to push them deep inside and at the same time in the side of his head. If necessary, pressing should be repeated up to 5 times. If, despite all the measures taken, the casualty's condition does not improve or it even fainted, without delay, call an ambulance. In the case of not breathing, immediately start CPR, doing it non stop until the ambulance arrives. Wall of the larynx in a man who is unconscious and relaxed, but because the air in forced ventilation can enter the lungs. In such situations, correctly rendered you first aid can save someone's life. Take care of yourself, be always healthy!

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