How to get rid of stuttering at any age. The treatment of stuttering

Sensitive and thin-skinned people stuttering can be one of the main reasons for low self-esteem, isolation, depression and loneliness.

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Stammering, its types and causes

The term "stuttering" in medicine denotes a speech disorder, caused by spasms of the vocal apparatus, which are manifested by frequent repetitions or lengthening of sounds, syllables and words. For stuttering is characterized by the violation of rhythmic flow of speech due to its frequent stops. When tonic form of stuttering in the speech pause, or experience, or the stretching of a single sound. The clonic form is characterized by multiple repetition of individual sounds or syllables. There are neurotic and neurosis-like forms of stuttering. Cause of neurosis-like stuttering is a neurological defect, expressed in motility and/or articulation. Characteristic of people who started late and speak more slowly developing peers. Stuttering in neurotic form occurs in children with normal speech development and motor skills. The main reason is suffering acute emotional distress and stress. In a relaxed atmosphere stuttering such people may not show, but in a stressful situation, with waves due to strong seizures speech normal speech is significantly impeded. Usually stuttering occurs in children during the period of the formation of speech skills when they are 2 to 5 years, with a possible recurrence of the disease at the age of 15-16 years. With age, the stuttering is 99% of patients, and boys get them in 3 times more often than girls.

Treatment of stuttering in children

The best option of treatment of stuttering in children is a complex approach, in which speech therapist will teach your child articulation, correct breathing and use of voice, a psychotherapist with the help of autogenic training and hypnosis will help to overcome the fear before conversation, and neuropsychiatrist examines the state of the nervous system and if needed will prescribe the necessary medications. Parents should make every effort to help cure the child from stuttering: to limit the time watching a little TV and stay in front of his computer screen to avoid viewing the child new and unfamiliar cartoons, the same applies to new games. It is advisable to read baby only the familiar books and, despite recommendations in some sources, to temporarily refrain from learning new poems. Should give preference to quiet games that do not have a bright emotional colour, especially beneficial for such children to play in water. A positive effect on the cure of stammering class modeling from plasticine, clay or sand.

getting Rid of stuttering adults

The Arsenal of means for treatment of stuttering in adults is much wider. In addition to communication with the above-mentioned neuropsychiatrist, psychotherapist and speech therapist, it is recommended to undergo acupressure and reflexology. Not to worry when speaking in front of large audience, it is advisable to attend courses of oratory, engage in a diction – this will increase their self-esteem and get rid of fear to be misinterpreted by others. Try to take a vacation and refuse to visit public places during the month, setting a calm and measured rhythm of life without a strict time frame. Try to speak less, compensating for the lack of communication records in writing. Mental scrolling of the text in mind while writing will help to learn easily Express their thoughts. Sing more songs good and different, not focusing on the level of their own vocal skill. Stutter while singing is physically impossible. So after a month a significant improvement in clarity and rhythm of speech. Most importantly – be patient and don't give up, if you have the desire and self-discipline from stuttering will be able to recover every. Be always healthy!

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