How to recognize the appearance of fungus on the feet. How to protect yourself from fungal infection

Redness between the toes, accompanied by itching and burning, turning over time in peeling, is a signal about a fungal infection.

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Athlete's foot and onychomycosis

A fungus (athlete's foot) stop is a skin disease caused by exposure to various parasitic fungi. From the surface of the skin affected by fungal infection, constantly go its smallest scales that carry pathogens. The basic way of penetration of infection in the skin are hairline fractures, grazes and scrapes its surface. The establishment of the fungus favors high humidity of the skin, as a result of excessive sweating. The disease starts with a barely discernible peeling skin in the folds between the toes. On the surface of the skin in the interdigital folds form vesicles, after bursting are cracks and sores. The whole process is accompanied by burning and itching. Yet another expression of athlete's foot is a local thickening of the skin that looks very similar to corns. If at this stage not consult a doctor-dermatologist, it is very likely that the fungus from the skin surface will move on your nails, slowly but surely hitting new. For fungal nails (onychomycosis) the nail plate, previously pale pink, smooth and moderately shiny is painted in dirty yellow colour and becomes dull, covered with stripes, cracks and growths, begins to exfoliate, thickens, or, on the contrary, becomes thinner.


Successful treatment of mycosis and onychomycosis are always preceded by a correct diagnosis by a dermatologist based on microscopic examination of skin scraping or nail. At the disposal of modern medicine there are currently a number of antifungal drugs, the most common of which are lamisil, fluconazole and Orungal. These drugs have a fungistatic and fungicidal action on the cells of parasitic fungi to stop them from multiplying and destroying them. They are quite quickly absorbed by the surface of the skin and nails, staying inside for quite a long time, reducing the course of treatment and accelerate the healing process. Efficacy of antimycotics hovers around 90%, in other cases, a complete cure will need to remove the nails surgically or its more gentle version – hardware nail treatment, which consists in the painless trimming of the nail plate to the depth of its defeat by a fungus. Separately want to say about the means of folk medicine. Traditional medicine is powerless against fungus. Various herbs, vinegar and honey wraps only alleviate the consequences of harmful actions on the skin fungal infection. If by accident of time, with the help of folk remedies was able to heal skin lesions, therefore, what you have been treated, was actually not a fungus, psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema.

Prevention of fungal diseases

To avoid diseases of the feet mycosis or onychomycosis, is sufficient to perform a series of simple and simple rules. Prefer footwear from natural "breathable" materials, avoid wearing someone else's shoes, if you need fitting shoes when buying, avoid skin contact of the feet with shoes must wear socks when going to visit, be sure to bring your sneakers, get used to it and its guests. When visiting the baths, saunas, pools, showers, sports clubs and clubs must wear rubber flip-flops. Be careful on the beach in damp sand for months the fungus is able to remain in a viable state. Use special anti-fungal spray, treating them feet and shoes. Engage in strengthening the immune system, avoid stress, overcome depression, quit Smoking and not abuse alcohol. Be always healthy!

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