How to recognize the alcoholic. The signs of a person abusing alcoholic drinks

The signs of a person abusing alcohol, are widely known to everyone, however it is not excluded that some of the symptoms of alcoholism, you will learn for the first time.

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Before meal

A person suffering from uncontrolled craving for alcohol, on the eve of the feast aroused and excited. His body, his brain is looking forward to the libations, followed by the usual state of relaxation and euphoria. It is because of painful wait for a time when you can fully surrender into the arms of Bacchus, these people are usually overly broad, endlessly telling jokes and stories related to cases of alcohol use or are active listeners. There is a category of people who, on the contrary, waiting for the promised glasses sacratomato and turn in on themselves. Do not rush to conclusions about a person based on the features of his behavior in diastoly the period of the holiday. It is possible that a person, hurriedly recorded in the ranks of the drunkards, is simply shy or discouraged a large number of unfamiliar guests and therefore behaves too active or, conversely, trying to avoid the spotlight.

the holiday table

At the beginning of the feast these people behave the same way as before. But here is the first glass drunk, "life giving water" ran through the vessels, the alcohol began to attack brain cells, disabling their behavior and abusing alcohol is changing. He starts to force things, saying toasts one after another, liberally seasoned their Proverbs and rhymes in the manner of: "Between the first and second...", "the First stake, the second a Falcon..." and etc. Insecure will patiently wait for the next toast and at the first sign in their hand will be a glass or a glass filled with forty degrees in advance or wine. To ask them to drink toast expressed wishes there is no need – they are quick and confident movement will send the contents of the glass inward. The main symptom of the alcoholic at the table is the lack of control in the use of alcohol resulting in a state of extreme intoxication and loss of control over themselves, their behavior and their words. The amount of alcohol consumed doesn't matter, there are drunks, Malaysia from the glass of wine, and have representatives who are able for the evening to "persuade" a few bottles of vodka. Be aware: the human body, unaccustomed to regular libations, will not be able to cope with a large dose of alcohol, after drinking 200 to 400 ml of vodka (dose conditional, depends on weight, physique of a person and peculiarities of its digestive system) will occur alcohol poisoning and work the protective mechanism of the body will start vomiting.

Morning after the party

The first sign that the person is not able or does not want to control the number of drinks alcohol – the presence of thirst in the morning after the holiday. This is not surprising, because in the body ethyl alcohol is cleaved first to acetaldehyde, which is a potent poison, and then vinegar which is the cause of "burning tubes". By the way, "morning fire" is not an absolute indicator of yesterday's bust, held alcoholics the process of splitting of alcohol in the body stops at the stage of its transformation to acetaldehyde without subsequent cleavage to the vinegar, so thirsty in the morning, they do not suffer. Most from the effects of alcohol the brain is affected, that's why people, who moved ahead in the morning not capable of collecting information, its evaluation and the adoption of adequate solutions. Driving mechanisms and, the usual manipulations and actions are of incredible labour and are accompanied by errors, leading to accidents and emergency situations. Often the festivities do not remain in memory, so the person feels a sense of guilt, it is accompanied by fear and uncertainty. The nervous system is depleted, so the most innocent things can cause unexplained anger or aggression. Blood pressure due to vasospasm is markedly above the norm, there is shortness of breath, possible cardiac rhythm disturbance. The body is full breakdown products of ethyl alcohol due to intoxication periodically manifests itself nausea. What kind of productivity one can speak in this case? Outwardly, the person abusing alcohol is as follows: complexion sickly pale or unnaturally red (happens more often), eyelids, lips and nose are swollen, forehead covered with large drops of sweat because of inadequate sleep are viewed under the eyes dark circles, there is a hand tremor and unbalanced movements. We have not mentioned domestic and drinking beer alcoholism, we do not claim absolute completeness of the attributes of a person indifferent to alcohol, sure you have something to add to the symptoms described. Take care of yourself! Be always healthy!

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