How to choose an orthopedic mattress. A mattress that is comfortable and useful for sleep

A mattress is not just another fad, but a way to keep your body in good shape, take care of the spine and just rest comfortably.

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The main difference between an orthopedic mattress from a traditional is that due to the special design and material, he differentially changes his form to adapt to the anatomical features of the human body, resulting in its spine remains straight throughout the entire time spent in the supine position.

spring mattresses

The basis of the spring mattress is a spring block. The dependent spring block "Bonnel" consists of 120 bikowski of springs connected to each other. Mattress with this unit has an orthopedic effect, but it has a "hammock effect", when under the influence of the load are compressed not only the springs that are under pressure, but nearby. Over time, this mattress is pressed: due to the constant compression of the same spring, they lose their elasticity, that is accompanied by a change in their height. This deficiency deprived mattresses with independent spring block, representing a set of a large number (over 300) coil springs interconnected by means of a separate cloth covers. In many models of independent spring units in each module instead of one has two springs of different diameter and stiffness. The small diameter of the springs and their large number enable responsive to attached the static load, perfectly follow the contours of the human body. And although the cost of a mattress with independent spring block is noticeably higher than its counterpart, is equipped with a block "Bonnell", the difference in price is compensated by a longer life. To protect the upholstery of the mattress and flooring from exposure to steel springs on top of the spring unit is wadding filter, which is a hard strip of termorasshirennogo felt or spunbond. On top of the hard layer is a layer of flooring volumetric fillers. It performs two functions – distributes the load on the mattress and, depending on the material used, gives it additional hardness or softness. The best materials for fillers are latex, coir and horse hair. Noticeably inferior to them in terms of hygiene and durability of foam, felt and batting. Outside all of this multilayered "sandwich" dressed in a cover made of cotton, linen or wool. In inexpensive models of orthopedic mattresses natural materials cover replaced by synthetic or mixed fabrics. Often the fabric of the mattress cover is treated with a special compound – dust-proof, fire-fighting or anti-Allergy treatment. Very convenient double-sided covers of "winter — summer", one side of which is made of wool and the other cotton. Depending on which side is put on a mattress cover, in winter, its wool pile will perform the function of insulation, and in the summer heat thanks to the cotton — to give a feeling of coolness.

Springless orthopedic mattresses

The device is springless mattresses much easier. They can be made of either a single monoblock, or from a combination of several layers of different hardness materials. The most common material for springless mattresses is latex – foamed extract of rubber tree SAP, which due to special processing has air cells, very reminiscent of honeycomb. These air channels give the mattress perfect air circulation. By changing the diameter of the holes of the latex fillers have several (up to 7) of zones of hardness, which allows them accurately to "work out" the contours of the body. On elasticity and durability they are markedly superior to a spring and foam, being the leaders in the market of mattresses. Somewhat inferior in quality and at the same time have a more democratic price mattresses made of artificial latex made from foamed polyurethane, hollofayber, waterleaks, bracelet or foam rubber. In rigid and semi-rigid models of mattresses as the main material used coir from coconut or horse hair. Since the latter sometimes leads to allergic reactions, more preferable is to choose the model of the mattress from coir, because it is, in addition to elasticity, has anti-bacterial properties and is breathable. Currently there are materials for mattresses with "memory effect" that creates a feeling of depth and perfectly supports the spine and lower back. However, due to the specificity of the effect these mattresses taste not for everyone.


People prefer to relax or to sleep on your side, as well as those who have health problems of the lumbar spine, it is better to opt for a soft pillow-top mattresses. In case of problems in the thoracic spine and fans to sleep on your back more fit mattresses of medium hardness. Accustomed to sleep on his stomach, children, adolescents and adults who have problems with posture, suffering from osteoarthritis of the necessary hard mattresses. To avoid problems with the intervertebral discs is not recommended to use these mattresses to people whose age exceeds 50 years. Relax and sleep in comfort! Wake up rested and cheerful! Be always healthy!

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