How to recognize a drug addict. Signs of drug user

Drug addiction is a terrible social evil. How to determine whether using a loved one, a relative, a family member or friend drugs?

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health Problems

A drug, regardless of its nature and origin, has on the human body, the damaging effects. The metabolism, the course of oxidative reactions, nervous system is when fast when slow, but inevitable decline. The drug is disturbed sleep and wakefulness, most of the day they spend in sleep, at night suffer greatly from lack of sleep, hanging out in the apartment and not knowing what to do. Blood pressure rises, increasing the frequency of contractions of the cardiac muscles, there chronic cough and runny nose,but are most sensitive to the use of narcotic substances digestive system – due to disorders of the gastrointestinal tract in most cases, the drug on the background of complete absence or a sharp increase of appetite diarrhoea (diarrhea). Appears incredible sugar cravings, it is accompanied by an unquenchable thirst. If initially the purpose of drug use is the desire to receive delight and pleasure, then eventually, when you start breaking, the only desire of the addict to enter into the body next dose of drugs in order to avoid the torment and pain that occurs after cessation of the drug. It is for the state of breaking is the easiest way to recognize a drug addict because of unbearable pain in the joints and muscles, tremor, and seizures, uncontrollable, characteristic only for people who use drugs.

About addiction will tell the eye

Change of pupil size and reaction to light can tell a lot. Narrowed so as to be invisible, the pupils of the eyes, unerringly pointing to the fact that the person is under "high" after consumption of morphine, heroin, codeine containing drugs (Nurofen, kodelaka, Terpincod) or drugs prepared from the poppy. Dilated pupils and absence of their reaction to visual stimuli indicate either the beginning of the process of breaking, or taking cocaine, LSD, amphetamine, ecstasy or preventin. It is for this reason that many addicts wearing glasses with dark glasses in cloudy weather and do not take them off even in poor visibility conditions.

Changes in behavior

Emotional instability and causeless changes of mood are testimony to the destructive impact of drugs on the human nervous system. Unmotivated outbursts of aggression can instantly be replaced causeless laughter, and carefree optimism alternated with despondency and depression. Previously closed and passive people become active and sociable, and talkative, and uninhibited turn to undecideds. Excessive speech and motor disinhibition, alternating complete indifference towards the world – alarm, requiring attention to such a man.


In appearance addicted to drugs man underwent dramatic changes. The skin becomes pale, dry and emaciated, elasticity and tone. Often there are wounds that do not heal for a long time. Hair – dull, dirty and unkempt. hairstyle, as such, is not at all. Casually put on hastily the clothes – stale, crumpled and dirty. Addicts, carefully watching his appearance, is not seen.

social Circle

Relationships with old friends are broken, instead of them new friends with a rather odd behaviour, which a person suffering from drug addiction, does not want to tell anyone. Communication is dealt with away from prying eyes, and phone conversations – behind closed doors. Sports, Hobbies no longer of interest, because of the negative impact of drugs on memory and performance, adolescents begin to truant from school or classes at the Institute, in adults, problems at work, usually ending with her loss. Become familiar disappearing for a few days, the addict spends outside the home, from the apartment begin to disappear money and valuables.


In the room of a drug addict, in her nooks, appear strange and inappropriate objects: bottles with solvent, acetone or vinegar, the bubbles with potassium permanganate, tubes of glue, mechanical grinder, blackened spoons, "herbarium" of the dry plants, pills and powders of unknown purpose with unfamiliar names, bundles and syringes. Find at least one or two items from the above list – immediately raise the alarm, contact the specialized medical institutions and rescue a loved one! Take care of yourself! Be always healthy!

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