How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes. Don't let the bags under the eyes no chance

To cope with the suddenly appeared in the eyes or down over the years from the face swelling of the skin bluish-greenish color, anyone. See it for yourself.

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Causes of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes

Successful opposition to bags and dark circles under the eyes must to start with determine the reasons that caused their appearance. Such reasons are only five: internal diseases of the body, disruption of a healthy lifestyle, loss of skin elasticity, Allergy and impaired water balance. If dark circles are not for a long period of time, there is a high probability that they are a consequence of the problems in the cardiovascular system, kidney, thyroid or liver problems, the flu or the common cold. Quite often, puffiness under the eyes appear due to lack of sleep or too long sleep, overwork, stress and depression, alcohol abuse and tobacco use, diet and irregular diet, overeating (especially at night) and lack of fresh air due to the long stay indoors. The skin around the eyes loses its elasticity due to harmful exposure to ultraviolet radiation contained in sunlight, improper use of moisturizer, use of poor-quality cosmetics. Excessive swelling and blueness under the eyes is often caused by disturbance of the water balance and metabolism, due to deficiency of water or, on the contrary, its excess due to uncontrolled intake of salty, spicy or fried foods. Single cause of dark circles is Allergy to dust, pollen, and animal hair particles contained in the air. Currently not uncommon and are allergic to certain foods — food allergies.

getting Rid of dark circles and puffiness

Having found that the cause of bags under the eyes are a malfunction of the body, you must consult a doctor to perform the necessary medical examination and undergo physical therapy. Leaving the disease – from under-eye circles will not be over. Take care of normal duration and quality of sleep, avoid large and too high pillows, giving preference to flat and small in size. Learn how to alternate modes of work and rest, avoid stressful situations, more to be outdoors, go to the gym. Balance your diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Avoid overeating, know that eating shortly before sleep – the guarantee of morning puffiness and blue under the eyes. Limit your intake of salt. Don't be afraid to drink water, let your daily rate will be 1.5-2 liters of liquids consumed throughout the day in small portions in 2-3 SIPS. Alcohol and nicotine – merciless battle. Wear sunglasses, protect your skin sunscreen, use only quality and tested cosmetics, to offset the effects on the body of allergens prescribed by the doctor to take antihistamines.

folk medicine against swelling eyes

Effectively helps to get rid of dark circles and puffiness plain cheese. Having ground carefully, it's applied as a mask on the problem areas of the skin. Withstand 15 minutes, curd mask must be removed with a cotton swab dipped in cold green or black tea. Similar action has on puffiness and dark circles under eyes honey and yogurt mixed in equal proportions. The mask is applied for 20 minutes, before bedtime. Removed, as in the previous recipe, cold tea. Tea not only remove their masks, it is also used for compresses. It is preferable to use black tea. Bay teaspoon of tea 1/3 Cup of boiling water, the tea should infuse for half an hour, then strain. Cotton swabs soaked in tea prepared should be applied to the skin in the eye area for 10 minutes. After that, moisten a tea new swabs and apply them to problem areas for 5 minutes, then rinse with cold water. Help to relieve puffiness and masks from slices of raw potato or cucumber placed on the skin in the eye area for 15-20 minutes. Always be beautiful and healthy!

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