How to train your memory. Advice on training and development of memory

Tips on memory training is useful not only for pupils and students, with age weakening of memory complains the majority of the adult population.

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Diet, daily routine and lifestyle

For normal chemical reactions in the brain that provide a physiological level, the process of remembering information, you need three things: nutrients, oxygen, and rest periods (recovery). To ensure full body building material and sources of energy should give preference to foods rich in protein, fresh vegetables and fruits, refusing from fried, greasy and sugary foods. Since chemical activity is evident in the process of remembering, associated with a higher consumption of calcium salts and phosphoric acid reserves in the body needs to be constantly updated. Milk and all its derivatives (sour cream, yogurt, ryazhanka, yogurt, curd, cheese etc), eggs, all kinds of nuts and sprouted seeds perfectly cope with this task. Any oxidation reaction needs a sufficient quantity of oxygen, therefore, enter into the habit of walking in the fresh air, learn to breathe correctly, regularly ventilate the room and working room, more walk, engage in physical activity and sport. For the regeneration of brain cells, occurring mostly during sleep, he needs a good night's sleep. That is why it is so important to have a good sleep, enabling the brain to work at full capacity. Alcohol kills brain cells outright, tobacco "torments" of their hypoxia. As a result of a person's ability to memorize new deteriorate significantly. What kind of full memory may be involved when the human brain is a battlefield, exposed to the deadly bombardment of alcohol and tobacco?


Reading, like nothing else, contributes to the training of memory, especially if the books you read are not detectives and women's novels, and informative, instructive literature. Try to retell his companion, describing the minutest details and keeping the narrative style. It is useful to scroll in memory all the events of the day, trying to remember every detail. Favors the development of memory and planning for the future day, week or even month. Learn the verses and take up the study of foreign languages. Naturally, this will require some effort and time, but the result of concentration and perseverance will be the revitalization of the brain and dramatically improve your memory. Set aside the calculator, remember the multiplication table and try to perform simple (and over time – and complex) calculations in mind, even if you have not been much love for arithmetic. Peering into the faces of the people around you, listen to the sounds, analyze their feelings. After a while you will notice that begin to memory much more information than before. Do not let your mind dawdle — play chess, solve crossword puzzles, solve logic puzzles.

Build associations

You need to remember a series of numbers, a person's name or a shopping list? There is nothing easier! For example, the number 3258. The first digit, I hope to remember in each state. Next, record in memory information indicating that the second digit refers to the number that is one less than the first number. As you can see, the third digit denotes the number which is the sum of the numbers denoted by the first and second digits. And the fourth figure can "encrypt" the number obtained from adding up the first and third digit or the third digit construction to the extent indicated by the first number. If you prefer to work with images provide the first digit in the form of a cracked ring, the second a Swan, third – and fourth hammer – in the form of a snowman. In a similar way proceed with the names and a list of necessary purchases. Associate the person's name with the name of a celebrity or famous person if he has noted they have something in common. To remember the list of things to buy, think of most a brief history of one or two sentences consisting of words that denote purchase. For example, you need to buy sugar, detergent, bread and chewing gum. The story of how a certain Peter Fedor or drank tea with sugar and bread, then washed the dishes detergent and started chewing gum enables you to do all necessary things and products. In addition to visual images use other characteristics of objects: color, smell, taste and sound. All of the above methods is suitable also for memorization of scientific terms, names of instruments, geographical indications, and so much more. Don't let the brain cells to atrophy, train your memory and be always healthy!

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