How to get rid of moles. Do I need to remove pigmented nevus

Potentially each mole carries a risk of degeneration into a malignant tumor is a melanoma, but does need to be afraid of moles and when you should remove them?

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What is a mole

Mole (pigmented nevus) is a benign formation that represents a cluster of pigment cells melanocytes. Moles have the appearance of a spot or a small pea, of a dark colour very different intensity. They occur on the body in the first year of life and finally formed approximately 10 years of age. By themselves, moles pose no danger to human health, however, due to genetic predisposition, due to the rubbing of the mole or of injury, under the influence of ultraviolet rays or due to hormone deficiency pigmented nevus may degenerate into a very dangerous malignant tumor – a melanoma.

Calm and suspicious moles

To determine if the mole is harmful to health, or is at rest, carefully examining it through a magnifying glass. Size calm moles typically less than 5 mm, occasionally reaching 10 mm, the relief surface "safe" nevus matches the skin relief around him, the calm of a mole close to right, the contours of her clear and smooth, and the color is uniform. Another indicator that a nevus is at rest – the presence on its surface of the hairs. Suspicious or potentially dangerous are congenital moles, especially the larger sizes, nevi in the form of Dubreuil's melanosis often found in the elderly on the skin in the area of cheekbones and cheeks. Of particular danger are the moles that are located in the neck, groin and lumbar areas where there is friction of the body on clothing and high probability of injury.

When it is necessary to remove pigmented nevus

If the nevus appeared in adulthood, it is larger than 10 mm, there is a change in the size of the mole and its shape, in the case of the disappearance of the skin pattern on the surface of the nevus, the existence of its asymmetry, or peeling, on the contrary, the formation of a glossy surface, hair loss in birthmarks, formation of nodules on the surface should immediately consult a physician. Mandatory consultation with a dermatologist or oncologist needed in case of injury of a mole, the appearance of burning and itching in the area of the nevus, discoloration of the mole, its seal or softening, formation on it of vesicles and sores. In case of danger of establishing a nevus is malignant tumor, the attending physician will decide about its removal.

Ways to remove moles

The most common method of removing moles is a surgical, used in the case of Oncology, and for removing large and deep nevi. A significant drawback of the surgical method is its invasiveness, resulting after treatment at the place of the removed mole remained a noticeable scar. More gentle methods of removing moles – methods of electrocoagulation and cryodestruction. The first time is the impact on the tumor by high frequency current, in the case of a second mole is destroyed by cold. Removal of moles by laser allows, unlike previous methods, to avoid damage to the surrounding tissue. The effect is at a certain depth region of small diameter, therefore, the removal of moles small size almost no trace remains, in the removal of a large nevus may remain colorless spot. The use of radiomissor allows you to perform three procedures: to remove a mole, stop the bleeding and disinfect the operated object. During operation nevus surrounding healthy tissue is not damaged, therefore, after removal of moles by the method of radiosurgery almost no trace remains.

Folk remedy against moles. Does it exist?

Perhaps the mole is one of the few cases when traditional medicine is powerless to do anything. You know – folk remedies against moles do not exist! The same methods of removal of the nevus, which web has a countless number of divorce, do not solve the problem. So, many are advised to lubricate moles lemon juice, ointments made from chamomile, calendula or celandine. However, these tools only lighten the skin, helping to get rid of freckles and age spots seasonal. On the mole they have absolutely no influence do not render. The same applies to lyapisny pencil. He resists warts, however, are powerless before the nevus. Advice apply daily on mole a drop of vinegar – and even harmful. A gradual wasting of the tissues of the mole and surrounding tissue will leave the skin noticeable marks and scars, and at worst will spur the process of degeneration of nevus into a melanoma. Therefore, if you want to get rid of unattractive moles or suspected pathological processes in the nevus, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist or oncologist, because only a specialist can properly assess the situation and choose the best method of getting rid of them. Be always healthy!

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