How to determine the cause of cough. Acid a cough, a heart and a smoker's cough

Did you know that cough does not necessarily indicate a cold? Quite often a cause of cough are heart failure, Smoking or acid reflux.

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smoker's Cough

Cough in heavy smokers most actively manifested in the morning, accompanied by abundant expectoration of greenish color, it can also be provoked by a deep breath, the breath becomes difficult. A frequent companion of the smoker is short of breath when walking and during physical exertion. Most consumers of tobacco factories suffer from headaches and asthma attacks. The main reason for this coughing – irritation of the bronchial receptors to cigarette smoke. Harmful chemicals contained in them, accumulate on the walls of the bronchi and alveoli, causing them inflammation. The systematic results of Smoking becomes chronic bronchitis. However, a more terrible consequence of Smoking may be lung cancer when accumulated in the body of carcinogens the weakening of the immune system in the lungs are formed of a malignant neoplasm. The treatment of cough if it is caused by inflammatory processes, is the immediate abandonment of Smoking, examination by a specialist pulmonologist, taking antibiotics and bronchodilators, exercises and conduct a healthy way of life. If the cough is caused by cancer, without surgery, courses of radio and chemotherapy is not necessary.

a Heart cough

Not always cough associated with inflammatory processes in the respiratory organs, often the cause is heart failure. When the heart does not fully cope with pumping blood in a small circle of blood circulation, the following can be observed: the right ventricle of the heart fills in enough light with blood, and left no time received the blood of them to pump, resulting in the lungs accumulate fluid. It leads to cough, irritating the nerve endings in the bronchi. Cardiac cough is almost always dry, only in rare cases when the disease started, can otharkiwate a small amount of blood. Cardiac cough is often enhanced if the patient takes supine position. A characteristic symptom of this cough is shortness of breath at night and at rest, sometimes patients to avoid new bouts of coughing have even to sleep in semi-sitting position. High blood pressure, coronary heart disease, heart rhythm disorders, congenital heart disease, disorders in the endocrine system – this is not a complete list of diseases leading to cardiac cough. To get rid of cough, you must treat the disease-the underlying cause, to reduce the consumption of salt in food, balance diet, reducing the amount of fatty foods in it, not to drink too much water and fluids, exercise, give up alcohol and Smoking.

Acid cough

Hoarse and loud cough in combination with a bitter taste in the mouth is called acid cough. The cause is reflux of acid from the stomach into the esophagus, which is called in medicine the acid reflux. In normal condition the lower esophageal sphincter remains closed, opening only during the intake of food in the stomach. In the case where the muscle ring is closed incompletely, hydrochloric acid from the stomach gets into the esophagus, reach the throat. Occurs irritation of mucous membranes and nerve endings, the natural reaction to this process is an acid and cough. Sometimes the esophageal sphincter can relax and open up because of the tension of the diaphragm after a loud laughter or singing. Often acid reflux occurs during pregnancy. To get rid of acid cough can only be cured from acid (gastroesophageal) reflux. For this purpose it is necessary to get rid of obesity, avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks (especially at night), to stop Smoking, wearing loose-fitting clothing (compression of the internal organs are not interfered with normal digestion), a little to lift the headboard. Should be excluded from food spices, fried and fatty foods, chocolate and other products, stimulating the production of stomach acid, foods consumed often and in small quantities. Medications that decrease stomach acidity should be prescribed only by a physician-gastroenterologist. Take care of yourself! Be always healthy!

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