How to get rid of flatulence by means of traditional medicine

Continuing the theme of flatulence, will talk about how traditional medicines to get rid of the gas formation and excessive accumulation of gases.

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Immediately a reservation – folk remedies, described below, will be effective only in the case when this is a delicate and uncomfortable condition is transient and caused by overeating, an unbalanced diet, eating food, producing in the process of digestion of excessive amounts of gas or it is due to the stress and profound mental experiences. If flatulence is systemic in nature and lasts for a long period (more than 1-2 weeks), most likely due to unstable work or disease of the digestive system, because instead of testing the recipes of folk medicine wise will appeal to the specialist gastroenterologist with the subsequent passage of necessary examinations.

Folk remedies against flatulence

Carrot seeds are the undisputed leaders among all other means of folk medicine, as cope with excessive flatulence almost in a few minutes. Preparing folk medicine is simple: 1 tablespoon of carrot seeds pour a glass of boiling water, then infused in a thermos. Single dose of infusion should not exceed 50 ml. With repeated attacks of flatulence reception means again, however, the daily dose should not exceed 250 ml. Another effective remedy for increased gas – fennel seeds. Prepared the same as previous, only is filled with not one, but two cups of boiling water. After insisting it should take 120 ml 3 times a day before meals. It also helps with flatulence tea made from camomile flowers, prepared by brewing 1 tablespoon of flowers 1 Cup boiling water. Will help flush out the gastro-intestinal tract of excess gases powder, prepared with garlic or ginger. The feedstock is cut into small pieces, dried, and then ground to a powder. Take the remedy in small doses (on the tip of a knife) after 10-15 minutes after eating, squeezed 100 ml of water at room temperature. Keep the medication should be in a tightly sealed container, in a cool and dark place. Perhaps the most simple and quick to prepare a remedy of accumulation of gases is to drip on a piece of lump sugar 5-6 drops of dill or anise oil, then sugar to eat. The effectiveness of this means not the highest, perhaps, call it a cure for flatulence for the lazy. To avoid increased gas, do not talk while eating and thoroughly chewing each bite. Be always healthy!

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