How to get rid of meteodependent. Meteozavisimost: causes, symptoms and treatment

According to physicians, the number of people suffering from meteozavisimosti, by the most modest estimations, not less than one third of the adult population.

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meteozavisimost and its causes

Meteopathy is not a disease, it is a natural reaction to change many factors of the environment. Temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, level of solar activity, the degree of perturbation of the magnetic field of our planet — in addition to seasonal variations, these parameters may vary significantly even within weeks. And if healthy the body has time to rebuild its systems and organs in response to changed environmental conditions, immunocompromised or suffering from chronic diseases sharp fluctuations of weather conditions is able to unsettle, breaking his usual and regular course of life. Weather-sensitive people suffer not only from the changes of weather and geomagnetic conditions, quite often the disease is exacerbated due to climate change in case of moving to another continent or even in a neighboring country. High air pressure accompanied with a high content of oxygen in the air, and low, creating a shortage of oxygen, lead to changes in vasoconstrictor responses, increased levels of solar radiation and magnetic storms change the density of blood and the velocity of its circulation through the blood vessels, changes in temperature and humidity change the speed of chemical reactions and metabolism in the body, slowing down or accelerating them.

Symptoms of meteopathy and risk groups

Most often weather-dependent the body responds to changing environmental conditions, weakness, headache, dizziness, drowsiness and fatigue, however, sometimes there is an opposite situation: the person becomes agitated and overly active. More dangerous symptoms meteozavisimosti be an increase or decrease in blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias, acute diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the respiratory system. At the time of step changes in external factors increases the number of heart attacks, strokes and hypertensive crises. Marked increase in such days the number of accidents, various accidents and suicides. To the greatest extent exposed to meteodependent people with cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and suffering from diabetes. Not less suffer from meteopathy persons with weak immunity and suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system and mental disorders.


To changing weather and other conditions not made any discomfort and does not complicate life, during sudden changes of climatic conditions and on days with geomagnetic unfavorable situation should avoid excessive physical and emotional stress, to postpone work that requires concentration, increased physical and mental activity, on other days of the week. Useful will be Hiking in the fresh air, the implementation of therapeutic and recreational gymnastics, breathing exercises, massage of the shoulders, neck and problem of the joints, the techniques of contrast showers and baths with essential oils. In bad days is recommended to refrain from fatty and spicy foods, coffee and strong tea, alcoholic drinks should be abandoned, and the number of cigarettes smoked is significantly reduced. Be sure to follow proper sleep, balance and rationality of the regime of your diet, take remedies soothing nature of the action on the basis of hawthorn, Valerian and motherwort. You should be aware that moderate seasonal and diurnal variations of environmental factors are normal and even beneficial to the body, as are for him a kind of training, reinforcing its defenses.Let you are not afraid of any magnetic storms or bursts of solar activity, or temperature changes and air pressure! Be always healthy!

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