How to get rid of nightmares and horror. To sleep was calm

Have you ever had to Wake up during the night with relief realizing that all the terrible and horrible, just your experiences, is just a nightmare?

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nightmares and fears

Nightmares should be distinguished night terrors (fears). A nightmare is a bad dream that appears in REM sleep, occurring more often in the morning. Despite the absurdity of the plot and the absurdity of the situation, similar dreams are so realistic that they seem what is happening actually. They are very rarely accompanied by physiological reactions such as increased frequency of respiration and heart rate or increased sweating. Awakened person usually remembers the content of the dream. This is not the case with night terrors or fears. They occur in the Delta sleep — the deepest phase of sleep, therefore, occur during the first hours of rest. For night terrors is characterized by the absence of any pictures or images, are inherently nocturnal fear is a short and relatively simple dream. The duration of a night terror can last from one to several minutes. Often it is accompanied by a pronounced reaction of the body: sweating, trembling, palpitations and motor movements. To Wake up the man and talk to him / her, calming him, it is very difficult, because the presence of other people he simply does not notice. Some time later he falls asleep and in the morning about what happened with him at night to remember nothing.

Causes night terrors and nightmares

To accurately specify the cause of nightmare is difficult, often scary dreams occur on the grounds of acute psychological experiences caused by the illness or loss of a loved one, serious illness, difficult medical operation, a car accident, the change or loss of employment. They are often the result of anxiety, prolonged depression or unresolved psychological problems. Sometimes the cause of nightmare night may be restless legs syndrome or sleep apnea. A predisposition to a nightmarish dream, which is often transmitted genetically by inheritance. Night terrors in children very rarely are signs of deep psychological problems, in most cases, they are observed in periods of life, extremely saturated with new impressions, emotions and experiences. Most often they occur during journeys, visits and entertainment events, their cause can be even a simple overnight guests, motels or resort. Very different was the cause of night terrors in adults. Night terrors are a Wake-up call, warning you that with the nervous system wrong. Their reasons, in addition to a aggressive condition, anxiety or excitement, can be serious changes in the mental health of the person.

Deliverance from nightmares and fears

Often recurring nightmares and horror demand a serious attention from the therapist. Even a simple discussion with an expert of their nightly dreams and life's problems will help gain a sense of confidence and forget about the nightmares if not forever, then for quite a long period. If necessary the doctor will help to pick up the necessary dose of tranquilizers, which will help get rid of post-traumatic stress disorders, anxiety and panic condition. Talk with your doctor about medicines that you take. Some anti-hypertensive and hypertensive funds, in addition to correction of blood pressure, can increase the likelihood of nightmares. The same applies to antidepressants. If night terrors and nightmares are not of a systemic nature and occur infrequently, it makes sense to review your daily routine and lifestyle, abandoning the snacking and late night trips to the fridge, taking up exercise, yoga and meditation. Spend the evening with family or with a loved one, do some reading, needlework, watching relaxing TV shows or movies. A warm shower or bath, before bedtime adopted, will allow to relax after a busy day, to find calmness and peace. In the bedroom, create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. In the room where you sleep should be cool, comfortable and quiet. Avoid or minimize consumption of nicotine, alcohol and caffeine. Falling asleep, imagine a pleasant and peaceful picture of natural scenery, to visual images, add sounds and smells. Just think about the good. Pleasant dreams! Be always healthy!

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