How to get rid of cracked heels with the help of traditional medicine

The Arsenal of traditional medicine is inexhaustible. Folk remedies will help to get rid of painful fractures on their heels.

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About the causes of cracked heels we already wrote in the article "How to get rid of cracked heels". Now let's talk about how to get rid of them using traditional medicines.


With the help of honey you can get rid of both from the small cuts that appeared on the skin of the feet and terrible deep cracks, delivering excruciating pain with every step. On a piece of clean cotton cloth applied to a thin layer of honey, then apply it to the problematic section of the foot, on top covered with plastic wrap and fix with a bandage or adhesive plaster. It is very convenient to use honey poultice for the night. In this case, to avoid contamination of linen, on the foot is recommended to wear socks. In the morning, waking up, the compress is removed, the foot is thoroughly washed with warm water, dried thoroughly and lubricated with any moisturizing cream. To retain water in the skin treated with cream the heel area it is recommended to seal the plaster. The course of treatment – from 5 to 10 days.

Apples and onions

Similar healing effects have onions and apples. Juicy Apple or fresh onion must be crushed with the help of fine grater, resulting slurry was put on a piece of plastic sheeting or thick fabric and apply at night to the heel. Fixation of the poultice, as in the case of honey with the aid of adhesive plaster, or elastic conventional bandage. In the morning remove the poultice, the heel to clean and lubricate the baby cream or other moisturizer. About a week will be noticeable healing and the healing effect of the poultice, and in two — from the crack will not remain and a trace. You can wipe cracked heels half a fresh tomato, apply the poultice of its flesh or grease of freshly prepared tomato juice.

Baths of boiled potatoes

The procedure is best done at night. 3-4 potatoes of medium size should weld without removing them from the peel, i.e., in uniform. After boiling all the water not drain, leaving about a quarter of its original volume. Boil the potatoes must be crushed along with the remaining water and the resulting slurry was put into a large bowl or basin. Adding 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda, the mixture is diluted with cold water to a comfortable temperature and soar feet in it. We should not abuse the procedure and stretch it out in time. Optimal duration is 5 to 10 minutes. Steaming the skin should be washed with warm water, gently work with a pumice stone, then rinse and wipe dry. Left applied to the skin of the heels vaseline or baby cream, cover with a cloth, wear socks and go to bed. In the same publication to describe all of popular ways to get rid of cracked heels is simply impossible. If you are aware of other people's money from this kind of mechanical dermatitis – share them in the comments. Take care of yourself! Be always healthy!

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