How to bring down a high temperature without the use of drugs

Using the following reliable and proven ways you can reduce fever and relieve fever without the use of drugs.

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heavy drinking

In the case of heat or high temperatures recommended drinking lots of fluids. The fact is that due to the high temperature of the body is dehydration, leading to a further increase in temperature. A significant portion of the heat the body loses through sweat and urine, so don't limit yourself to the use of water – drink it as much as you can. Refrain from drinking beverages with high sugar content, giving preference to ordinary water at room temperature, mineral water or warm tea with honey and lemon.

Compresses and wiping

Small towel (preferably Terry) should be wet in cool water and wring it out, then apply to the forehead, temples, wrists, axillary troughs and inguinal folds. These areas of the body not chosen by chance, those are areas where large blood vessels are closest to the surface of the body, hence, heat output by the body will occur most effectively. Instead of towels you can use plastic bottles with cool water. Before use they need to stand for one hour in the refrigerator. For rubdowns will need vodka, the alcohol, diluted with water in ratio 1:1 or vinegar diluted with water in proportion 1 to 5. The sponge bath are subject to all the same areas: temples, forehead, flanks, axillae, popliteal and antecubital folds. Due to the property of the above liquids quickly evaporate, they will take with the surface of the body some part of the heat, thereby lowering its temperature.

a Warm shower and warm bath

In many cases, to bring the temperature down by taking a bath or shower. The water temperature should be comfortable and slightly warm. Too hot water will cause overheating of the body, even more raising its temperature, as cold will cause shivering and chills, as a result, the organism will reduce the impact of heat, that too will raise body temperature. Duration of water treatments should be approximately 20 minutes. During this time, to increase blood circulation and increase body heat, it is recommended to massage the skin with a washcloth. The hair during the procedure it is better not to wet.


Tea made from raspberry leaves or lime blossom – another effective remedy in the struggle with the fever. To prepare diaphoretic drink a tablespoon of natural raw materials, pour a glass of boiling water and let infuse during 8-10 minutes. After the medical infusion be drunk, you must go to bed, warmly wrapped in a blanket. At the beginning of the decrease in temperature shall identify the process of sweating. Ways to reduce the high temperature in the home without the use of drugs a lot and most of them quite effective, but use them only in the case of "red" hyperthermia, in which the patient's skin is red and hot to the touch. When "white" hyperthermia, characterized by cold sweat and pale skin color, it is urgent to call an ambulance. Take care of yourself! Be always healthy!

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