How to choose bath. Which bath is better

So after visiting the bath to fully experience the feeling of bliss, peace of mind and ease of body, it is necessary to choose correctly.

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Finnish sauna

The hallmark of the Finnish sauna is a hot dry air. The air temperature in the sauna can range from 70 to 1200 C, humidity it rarely exceeds 10%. Heating the air is "dry" from the stone oven that was previously heated exclusively with wood. Currently as fuel often use liquid fuel or gas, often equipped with saunas and electric heating boilers. Since dry air conducts heat poorly, at first, the saunas heat is not felt. Eventually, when the body is warmed up, on the surface of the skin begins to actively stand sweat, protecting from overheating. Thanks to the active sweating of the body are derived toxins. Despite the tremendous curative and relaxing effect of sauna, it is not recommended to visit persons with chronic respiratory diseases. Do not bring in a Finnish sauna broom! It can be used to discharge hot air to the body is fraught with burns, and the broom quickly becomes worthless, as its leaves will fall off and the bars will crack and break.

the Russian steam bath

From the Finnish sauna is characterized a lower (up to 700 C) temperatures, but the humidity in the steam room – 80% and above. The source of heat in the Russian bath and in the sauna stove is heated with firewood, gas or electricity, but the main difference is the hot stones, splashing in that water and get hot and wet steam. Progress does not stand still and in many steam rooms for steam generation steam generators are actively used. Damp and hot air Russian bath tolerated by the body is heavier than dry steam saunas, so people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system to visit the steam room carefully listening to the feeling. But in the Russian steam room you can take heart, to the point of exhaustion ishlist themselves with fragrant birch twigs. Sauna spirit has medicinal properties. It will help to cope with colds, to clean the skin and put in order the nervous system, and even Russian sauna – the perfect tool to combat obesity.

Turkish baths

Hamam cannot be confused with a sauna or steam room because it is completely absent wood. The interior of the Turkish bath is made exclusively from natural stone or ceramics. The steam is formed by pouring hot water heated floor or produced by the steam generator. Almost 100% humidity, and moderate (about 500 C) temperature air makes the climate in the Turkish bath, soft and gentle, so visit the Hammam without fears it is possible to both children and older people, and adults, hard carrying hot air and thermal overloading.

Japanese bath ofuro

In simplified form, the Japanese bath is a large wooden barrel, which is placed under the stove. Options ofuro much, the most common of them is as follows. Receiving steam treatments sits in a tub of water, heated to 350 C, and immersed in her chest, that the water was below the level of your heart. After spending some time in the first barrel, the visitor moves to the second barrel, the temperature of the water which is already Warmed by about 450 C. in the second barrel, it out, wiped dry and immersed in a third a barrel filled with herbs and cedar shavings with essential oils. This barrel is the most hot, the temperature reaches 600 C. Sawdust absorb released body sweat and fill your body with healing substances. Ofuro bath not only cleans the surface of the body, warming it, dry sawdust in the bath and massaged the peripheral blood vessels. Due to the fact that in all three barrels, the body is immersed up to the chest level, the heart and the head person is not subjected to intense heat, which is important for heart diseases and hypertension. There are other types of baths: Roman baths, sanarium and Transcarpathian cast-iron vats. Considering their low prevalence, we will not describe the action, just will limit ourselves to stating the fact of their existence.Any kind of sauna you prefer, the main thing is that after a treatment you feel as if born anew, and all ailments and diseases has receded or even disappeared forever! Glad for you! Be always healthy!

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