How to go to the Finnish sauna. Rules of visiting the Finnish sauna

To hike to the Finnish sauna chased ailments and cleanse the body, charge the body with energy and brought good spirits, follow the simple rules of her visit.

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benefits of the Finnish sauna

Under the influence of high temperature in the body increases the production of interferon and white blood cells, activates the immune system, the destruction of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. There is an expansion of blood vessels and capillaries, blood circulation becomes more intense, and therefore, all the organs and tissues of the body receives necessary for normal functioning the amount of oxygen and nutrients. Blood pressure and metabolism come to normal. Hot air stimulates the sweat glands, the body produces perspiration is increased, with sweat out toxins, toxins and lactic acid formed in the tissues after physical exercise and cleanses the skin, normalizes water-salt metabolism and kidney function. After sauna go away chronic colds and bronchitis, radiculitis and arthritis. Stress and tension disappear, return to normal sleep and appetite, restores mental and physical performance.


All physiological processes in the body flowed naturally, before a sauna it is advisable to take care in advance about the evacuation of the bowel and bladder. To wash away body dirt, sweat, and various creams and simply get rid of the smell of perfume and body first before entering the steam room Finnish sauna you should take a warm shower. Do not use soap, shampoo or gel, otherwise the skin will be washed away natural thin fatty film that protects its surface from drying out. Please refrain from wetting your hair in order to avoid overheating of the head, they have to stay dry. After taking a shower, dry yourself off. All metal jewelry from the body must be removed in the sauna as they can easily burn the skin. On your feet wear Slippers, and head from overheating protect the thick woolen cap or felt hat. If the opportunity to bathe naked there, make sure that the lingerie was not made of synthetics and natural materials. I almost forgot about the main thing: bring a sauna towel. Spread it under him on the shelf, you will not only care for his own hygiene, but also protect the body from contact with hot wood the hot steam.

First visit to the sauna

To start the procedure of warming up the body better with the bottom shelf, and then, as adaptation to the hot air goes up, where the heat is particularly strong. Avoid common mistakes of novice attendant to sit on the top shelf, his legs dangling down. In this posture the legs are in a relatively "cool" area, while the head is under the ceiling will experience the maximum thermal effect. The best option is to spread the towel and lie down on the shelf, occupying a horizontal position. To facilitate the work of the heart, the legs preferably placed slightly above the head – fortunately, in modern saunas there are footrests. To breathe in a sauna should be only by mouth, during a visit to the steam room, try to refrain from talking. Do not try to use with broom, in contrast to the Russian steam room, the temperature in a Finnish sauna reaches 1200 C, to receive burns from a directional flow of hot air in this situation is simple. The duration of the first visit should not exceed 10 minutes, in the case of sickness and the deterioration of the steam room should leave earlier. Coming out of the steam room, you need to cool down. Cooling method you should choose, focusing on health, health status and experience of visiting sauna. The range of procedures, ranging from air bath and a cool shower before plunging into the cold pool or ice hole. Pick and choose. The duration of the break should be twice the time spent in the steam room. During the break, fill the water-salt balance in the body — drink mineral water, kvas, green tea or herbal decoction. Black tea is preferably brewed in combination with chamomile, currants, mint or lemon balm. These additives neutralize the stimulating effect of black tea on the body. For the same reason, refrain from coffee. About the use of alcohol during a visit to the sauna can not be and speeches! New before entering the sauna, relax for a while in a cool room in a reclining or supine position.

Second and subsequent visits to the steam room

The second and all subsequent passes in the steam space are executed by the same rules. It is important to remember that regardless of the number of visits, the total residence time in the steam room should not exceed 35 to 40 minutes, while the whole bathing process should take between 2-3 hours, but no more. Last visit to the steam room must be accompanied by a smooth and slow cooling, without haste and extreme temperatures. Having a shower, thoroughly washing the body and head, you should go to the air bath. Their recommended duration – 20 to 30 minutes. Take a relaxing massage. Wear clothes only after the body has cooled to the usual temperature. To the Finnish sauna not to harm your health, should avoid high temperature bath treatment at an elevated temperature of the body, in the case of infectious skin diseases, malignant tumors, in patients with severe metabolic disorders, susceptibility to bleeding and bad of blood coagulability, vascular insufficiency and blood circulation disorders, heart problems and suffering from hypertension. Easy you couple. Be always healthy!

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