How to get rid of laryngitis. Diagnosis and treatment of laryngitis

Despite the seeming harmlessness, laryngitis untreated in time can develop into a chronic, fraught with self-serious illness.

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Laryngitis in medicine is called the inflammatory process of the mucous membrane of the larynx and upper trachea, caused by exposure to pathogenic flora. Often the cause of laryngitis are viral and bacterial infections, colds, flu, bronchitis or pneumonia. To provoke inflammation of the larynx can chemical irritation or damage to the mucous membrane of the larynx, Smoking, inhalation of cold, hot, dry and dusty or dirty air. Overvoltage larynx, in people whose occupation has a lot to say or sing, often ends with laryngitis. Inflammatory process may be covered as the entire mucosa of the larynx and the local area: vocal cords, walls podgoloski cavity, the epiglottis. There are acute laryngitis, occurring as a distinct disease and lasting about 2 weeks, and chronic, resulting from repeated acute laryngitis or inflammation of the nasal cavity, nasopharynx and paranasal sinuses.

Symptoms and diagnosis

Dryness, scratching and tickling in the throat, first dry and then with excretion of sputum, cough – here are the most common signs of inflammation of the mucosa of the larynx. Acute laryngitis is often accompanied by a slight increase in body temperature to 37,40 S. In the case of edema or spasm of the glottis may have difficulty breathing, the voice becomes hoarse or even silent. With the localization of the inflammatory process in the posterior wall of the larynx or the epiglottis there is pain when swallowing. On examination of the throat reveals redness of her, most vividly expressed in the vocal cords. Possible petechial hemorrhages, mucus and crusts of dried mucus on the surface of the larynx. In complex cases, prescribe the study laryngoscope, which allows to study the nature of the swelling of the mucous membrane of the larynx, inflammation and thickening of the vocal cords, degree of overgrowth of the epithelium and submucosa. Laryngoscopy also allows you to take a tissue sample for biopsy to exclude cancer and other serious diseases. A laboratory study of the blood of laryngitis will detect the increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and increased number of leukocytes.

Treatment and prevention

In the case of acute laryngitis the treatment should start with eliminating the causes of the inflammatory process. To ensure quiescence of the affected the throat the treatment process includes the prohibition of talking during the week. Excluded from the diet spices, hot spices and savory dishes. Special attention should be paid to the prohibition of Smoking and use of alcoholic beverages throughout the course of treatment and one week after recovery. Warm inhalation and gargling are a prerequisite for the cure of laryngitis. Useful would be hot compresses or bandages on the neck. It is recommended that periodic wetting of the surface of the pharynx warm tea or compote. Chronic laryngitis is treated with lubrication of the larynx, and the inhalation. May be appointed physiotherapy. In some severe cases resort to surgical treatment. Medication if it is nominated, must be performed in strict accordance with the doctor's prescription. Antipyretic drugs ibuprofen, paracetamol and dipyrone should be used only when elevated temperature cannot be tolerated by patients or causes him serious discomfort. When dry cough prescribed antitussive drugs, and in the case of cough with phlegm – mucolytics. When the bacterial form inflammatory process for the treatment of laryngitis use broad-spectrum antibiotics. To help cope with laryngitis and folk remedies, the more reliable and trusted popular recipes against cold — loads. Throughout the course of treatment is necessary to maintain in the home a high level of humidity, using a humidifier or available means. Prevention of laryngitis is the strict observance of hygiene rules, to limit contacts with patients, the contents of the vocal cords warm and Smoking cessation. To avoid inflammation of the larynx, kept his house clean, watch the level of humidity in it, akalaitis using douches and contrast showers, get exercise, spend more time outdoors and stick to a balanced voice mode. Take care of yourself! Be always healthy!

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