How to stop hair loss. Symptoms and causes baldness

Hair loss is not accompanied by pain, but can cause stress and depression in women, and men.

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hair Loss

Thin hair may be different. Often in men with age, there is a partial baldness, in which hair falls out in the area of the temples, creating a receding hairline, exposing the top of her head, and then the line of hair growth gradually shifted towards the back of his head. It is believed that, in addition to genetic predisposition, to partial baldness in men is influenced by the presence of the male hormone testosterone. How else to explain the fact that men, whose bodies are due to castration or genetic mutations do not produce testosterone, hair loss is not observed? Going bald not only men. Suffer from partial baldness and some women. Causes – heredity, age and all the same testosterone, production of which increases in women after menopause. When alopecia in women rarely occur in the scalp, most often the loss of hair leads to relatively uniform thinning throughout the scalp. Another type of hair loss – alopecia areata. Hair loss occurs locally in limited areas of the head and chin, sometimes lost eyebrow hair and eyelashes. The body's immune system, resulting in failure of its operation, attacks the hair follicles, mistakenly taking them for foreign objects. Hair falls out, but the follicles remain and in case of proper treatment (and sometimes without it, after a few years) the hair recovers. Perhaps the most common is temporary hair loss that affects both women and men. That's about it, basically next, and will be discussed.

Symptoms baldness

Symptoms of hair loss is simple and trivial. About the beginning of the process of hair loss usually a sign they covered the surface of the pillow after a night's sleep or a comb, the teeth of which after scratching still had considerable amount of hair. Hair loses everything. And you, currently reading this, and your friends, neighbors, and relatives. The day a person loses about a hundred hair, but due to the fact that the total number of hairs on your head is more than 100 thousand, the loss is unnoticed. After spending about 3 years in a state of growth and extension for 1 cm, hair enters a 3-month resting phase after which it falls out. Six months later, in place of the fallen hair grows a new one. How to check whether you lose hair? The test is rather simple: taking the fingers a thin strand of hair, you need to pull moderately. , Only two hairs remaining in the hand will indicate that with the hair you have everything in order. If the hair in his hand turned out to be more, need to find out the cause of baldness and to take immediate action.

causes of hair loss

The state of a person's hair is an indicator of his immune system. In the case of attenuation, when the frequency of infectious and respiratory diseases, and women — even during pregnancy and lactation, hair becomes weak, quite easily separated from the skin of the head. Hair is sensitive to iron levels in the body. The main causes of its deficit — imbalanced nutrition, diet, and "therapeutic" starvation and monthly blood loss in women during the critical days. Adverse effects on hair growth can render the contraceptive, hypotensive and hypertensive drugs, diuretics, antidepressants and steroids. Hair loss may be involved in even a harmless aspirin, so what can be said about sessions of chemotherapy, after which go perfectly with the hair all over the head? Dermatitis, seborrhea and other infectious disease of the scalp in a short period of time can cause local hair loss and insufficient supply of the blood vessels of the head due to the disease osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, chronic stress, abuse of strong coffee or tea, Smoking and alcohol usually end up with thinning hair on all the surface of the head. Increased radiation background and air contaminated by exhaust gases of vehicles and industrial emissions do not add to the health of any hair in particular or throughout the body as a whole. Improper handling of the hair is one of the main causes of hair loss. Using combs with small teeth, combing and rubbing of wet hair hard with a towel, frequent chemical treatment, use shampoos containing sulfates, silicones and parabens, the frequent use of Hairdryer and an incorrect hairstyle can destroy even the most gorgeous locks. Take care of yourself! Be always healthy.

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