How to get rid of sleep apnea. Treatment of obstructive sleep apnea

Nocturnal apnea heard many, but only few people know about this danger to human health as this insidious disease.

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What is sleep apnea

Night Anoa are obstructive (caused by closure of the upper respiratory tract), Central (arising from the oppression of the respiratory center of the Central nervous system) or mixed. About the most common – obstructive sleep apnea, and will be discussed in the publication. During sleep the throat muscles gradually relax. At the time of inhalation, a negative pressure, the converging walls of the respiratory tract. The result of these processes is complete spadenie Airways, accompanied by respiratory arrest. Due to a sharp decrease in the level of oxygen in the blood leads to the activation (Wake-up) the brain sends to the muscles of the pharyngeal emergency signals, which increases the tone of muscles of the pharynx. The Airways are opened and the flow of oxygen in the body is restored. The brain relaxes, the person falls asleep again, and after a while everything is repeated again. The duration of nocturnal pauses in breathing can last from 10 seconds to 2 minutes, repeating every 15-20 minutes.

the Symptoms of obstructive sleep apnoea

To identify a person's sleep apnea, quite some time to keep an eye on him during sleep. In most cases, immediately after falling asleep suffering from nocturnal apnea snoring appears. After a short time the snoring stops and breathing stops, although reflex movements of the abdominal wall and chest continue. After 20-30 seconds the patient shapeway loudly, his breathing is restored and he performs a few deep breaths, and then can Wake up and continue your sleep on. Self diagnose obstructive night apnea is possible by the combination of several symptoms stated below: — recurrent attacks of breathlessness during sleep; strong snoring; — frequent disturbing awakening, unconditioned by dreams or nightmares; morning hypertension and headaches in the morning; — frequent night urination; — daytime sleepiness; — loss of memory and attention.

Danger of nocturnal apnoea

The strongest stress to the body, which is stop breathing during sleep, leads to transient increase in blood pressure to 250 mm Hg. article Such pressure fluctuations do not go unnoticed and become a cause of chronic hypertension, often leading to a stroke. Not pass without leaving a trace oxygen starvation to the heart. Because nocturnal hypoxia normal coronary heart disease can lead to arrhythmia, and sometimes in myocardial infarction. Brain cells not getting the oxygen it needs, do not fully recover during the night. As a result – the next morning the man suffers from headaches, attention and the ability to perceive information is significantly reduced. Sleep apnea reduces the production of growth hormone contributes to obesity complicates the course of diabetes, reduces in men the production of testosterone and lead to impotence.

Treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea

For the purpose of increasing the lumen of the respiratory tract in modern medicine, practiced surgery for the correction of the uvula, tonsils and Palatine arches. Helps to get rid of the night stop breathing surgical correction of defects of the nasopharynx. Solve the problem and mandibular tires, locking tongue and the lower jaw in the position in which there are no barriers to the flow of air to the lungs. To cope with the problem of sleep apnea can also install the implants of the soft palate. CPAP therapy is to create a continuous positive airway pressure through a sealed nasal mask, which through a flexible tube is fed a constant flow of air from the compressor. When you use CPAP therapy side effects. The use of nasal mask in the truest sense of the word not only does not cure sleep apnea, however, provides restful sleep, improving the quality of life. The stabilization condition of the patient occurs a few days after beginning use of the device. Take care of yourself! Let your sleep will be peaceful and healthy!

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