How to get rid of obstructive sleep apnoea at home

To get rid of sleep apnea in many cases it is possible without surgical intervention. Home remedies are just as effective as it is simple.

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We should start with air in the bedroom. The fact that the internal membrane of the nasopharynx is very sensitive to humidity and if dry partially lose its functionality. The easiest and cheapest way to humidify the air in the room just before bedtime to perform in the bedroom wet cleaning. A more costly but much effective is the use of humidifier. Will not be superfluous to his company, and an air ionizer.

Sleeping pills, alcohol and tobacco

The use of hypnotics and sedatives reduces the muscle tone of the pharyngeal musculature, causing it relaxes, causing the lungs Airways. A similar effect on the muscles of the head and neck has most antihistamines. For this reason, the use of antihistamines, sedatives and sleeping pills before bedtime should be kept to a minimum, and even better – to refuse them altogether. All of the above also applies to alcohol. Often caused by chronic inflammation of the throat and trachea is Smoking. The inflammatory process is accompanied by tissue edema, resulting in airway narrowing, impeding normal breathing. Give up cigarettes at least for full-fledged rest and sleep.


Noticed and proved the influence of overweight on the weakening of the muscles of the pharynx. Especially clearly this dependence manifests itself with age. Getting rid of extra pounds, you will not only forget the night you stop breathing, but will cease to disturb his snoring others.

to the Correct head position and sleep on your side

Those who are concerned about obstructive sleep apnea, you should make sure the correct position of the head during sleep. This simple technique can get rid of the tongue, which is one of the causes of respiratory arrest. Sleeping head should be raised. Achieve this not through the use of a high pillow causes a bend of the neck, and raising the headboard the installation under the bed legs at the head of bars with thickness up to 20 cm or placing under the mattress sheet of chipboard or plywood from the middle of the bed to its headboard. Because sleep apnea usually occurs during sleep on the back, to get rid of apnea by making the person sleep in such uncomfortable position. Tennis ball, enclosed in a makeshift pocket in the scapula area on the pyjamas or vest, will Wake the sleeper whenever he rolls over onto his back. Thus, in a week or two the habit of sleeping on your back will disappear irrevocably, and with it cases of obstructive sleep apnea. Take care of yourself! Be always healthy!

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