How to choose sunglasses. The details of the choice of sunglasses

The main purpose of sunglasses is to protect eyes from ultraviolet radiation. Poor quality glasses will do the job is unlikely.

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About the benefits of sunglasses

Sunglasses – not a tribute to fashion. The human eye is very thin and delicate organ, is particularly sensitive to the ultraviolet spectrum of solar radiation. Ultraviolet waves even in small doses are the eyes harm, what can we say about the cases where the bright rays of the sun have to spend a few hours? Sunburn of the cornea not only dangerous temporary loss of vision, very often it becomes one of the causes of cataract. Improperly selected glasses fraught and conjunctivitis. The closer to water you rest, the higher in the mountains you are and the closer to the equator is your place of stay or of recreation, the stronger and more aggressive exposure to the sun's ultraviolet light. With age production of melanin, performing the role of a natural filter of the eye is reduced, therefore, people of middle and older age should be given the protection of the eyes from ultraviolet rays special attention. Care eye health should not just in Sunny weather: even on cloudy day through the thick clouds passes the amount of UV radiation sufficient to deliver tangible harm to the eyesight.

lens Material

Choosing between glass and plastic, be aware that glass lenses, even if they are transparent, almost entirely delay ultraviolet rays. Plastic this property does not have, therefore, in addition to the filters, needs additional protective layer capable of blocking ultraviolet light. Plastic lenses are easily scratched, and with extreme heat can even be deformed. This disadvantage is missing the glass lens, but in the case of destruction, they do not turn in eye-safe spider to bits, as the plastic and disintegrate into sharp shards traumatic. For this reason, to practice active sports and extreme driving is best to use sunglasses with lenses of plastic. Glass lenses misted stronger than plastic, but not turbid with time.

Color glass

Color glasses sunglasses depends on the filters that are implemented in the form of a spray or a special film glued to the surface. For wearing in any weather ideal lenses of gray, brown or green colors. They do not distort color, convey a full picture of what is happening realistic and comfortable for the eyes. Goggles with orange, yellow, pink, red, blue, or blue glass only allowed to wear in cloudy weather. In addition to the distortion of the color reproduction and disorders of reality perception, they tire the eyes, irritating them to the retina. Vehicle recommend to enjoy the graduated glasses with a dark top and light bottom. Protecting from bright sunlight, they however provide the driver with complete and reliable overview. Polarized and mirrored glasses will protect your eyes from the bright light cutting during the holidays at sea or in the mountains.


Frame material can be arbitrary. The main requirement – it should be elastic and moderately hard and not to change its shape. Look closely at the small details of the frame. They should fit snugly to each other, the fasteners must be securely fixed by bolts, is fully screwed. Put on the glasses themselves. If the frame compresses the whiskey, the pressure on the bridge of his nose and ears, proceed to the fitting of the following samples. Vigorously rotate the head right and left: if glasses almost fly from the head, this rim is not for you. Choose sunglasses correctly take care of your vision!

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