How to choose shampoo for your hair. Useless shampoo components

Did you know that many supposedly beneficial ingredients listed on the label of the shampoo that really are totally unnecessary and useless?

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Let's start with the fact that the vast majority of hair shampoos for the content of these "useful components" are so insignificant what to speak of their beneficial impact on hair and scalp, at least, is simply incorrect. I also want to mention one important detail. How much time exposed to these useful supplements on your hair? Correct, as long as the shampoo is not rinsed from the scalp and hair. Usually this time is about 5 minutes, in rare cases reaches 10, but not more. Do you think you can advertised useful components behind this insignificant period of time to provide any significant therapeutic effect?


Antioxidants are substances capable of neutralizing the destructive action of oxidants (free radicals). They help to strengthen the immune system, slow the aging of cells, reduce the risk of developing cancer and cardiovascular diseases, stabilize metabolism, preventing diabetes. On hair same antioxidants have no effect. The condition of the hair by washing them with shampoo with antioxidants does not improve and will not worsen. It is our deep conviction, this is the most useless Supplement affecting only on the ranking of the shampoo and its cost.

Vitamins and fruit acids

Very common components of most shampoos. In the presence of detergent to a head very like to draw the attention of the producers of shampoos. Meanwhile, and vitamins, and fruit acids are applied to hair externally., not absorbed by the body. The only way to affect the health of your hair is to take vitamins orally, in the form of natural plant products. Don't pour the vitamins for the hair — save your time and money.


This indicator characterizes the degree of acidity and alkalinity of solutions. Depending on the ratio of positive ions creates an acidic environment and negatively charged ions that form alkaline pH of a solution can fluctuate from 0 to 14. Everything related to pH, only applies to solutions. Shampoo can not affect the acid-alkaline balance of hair and scalp for the simple reason that neither the hair nor the skin does not have a hydrogen indicator pH.


Collagen, used in shampoos, is obtained from the cells of the upper layer of the skins of cattle and lower parts of the legs of birds. Due to the fact that the size of the molecules of this collagen is several times the size of the molecules of human skin, instead of penetrating inside the body is the clogging of skin pores. Formed on the surface of the skin collagen film prevents the process of natural breathing. The same protective film on the hair surface reflects incident light and makes them Shine, with practically no impact on their health.Choosing a shampoo, carefully read its composition. Decide for yourself whether to pay more money for a cleanser for hair, containing a wealth of completely useless components? But maybe it's worth to try to cook it yourself?

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