How to give first aid for sunburn. Treatment of sunburn

Deceit sunburn, unlike thermal or chemical damage to the skin, they manifest themselves not immediately but only some hours later.

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Degree sunburn

Divided into degree sunburn in medicine is not accepted, usually limited to be separated into light (surface) and heavy. The first is characterized by redness of the skin, feeling its stiffness in the affected area, burning, itching and slight pain. In this case with a sun burn can be managed independently at home. Quite another thing – a severe form of sunburn. It differs from superficial lesions of the epidermis is the appearance on reddened skin of blisters filled with fluid. The color of the liquid can be different – from transparent to yellow, and in particularly severe cases – up to bloody. The treatment of severe sun burns better under the supervision of a physician, that he will be able to properly assess the severity of damage to the skin and prescribe the proper treatment. To seek medical advice is also necessary in cases where more than half the affected area of the body, in the case of burns to the face, regardless of their degree, the onset of symptoms of heat stroke (chills, fever, nausea and headache).

Cooling the affected area of the skin

The need for cooling of the skin due to the fact that the destructive influence of high temperatures on UV radiation exposed skin area continues for another several hours, even despite the lack of contact with the sun. Cooling the skin of the body can taking cool showers or bath by adding water in small amounts of vinegar. Avoid using soap and other hygienic detergents – they not only dry and degreased the injured dermis, and can cause severe allergic reactions. Ideal cooling compresses are just like using cool normal water, and aqueous solutions of nitrofurazone, decasone or chlorhexidine, which are antiseptics. Do not forget about the folk medicine, strong tea, dairy products, pulp of cucumbers, tomatoes or raw potatoes, aloe juice will serve as a perfect base for cooling compresses. A few words about aloe Vera: its juice not only cools the skin and has anti-inflammatory effect, but also perfectly moisturizes it. To reduce swelling, relieve pain and burning helps taking anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen, paracetamol, analgin, tempalgin) and antihistamines (diazolin, claritin, loratadine) medications.


After cooling the skin is the time to pay attention to its moisture. The first 2-3 days you should use moisturizing creams and gels exclusively based on water-soluble. Such preparations, as Actovegin, AGROSALON, bepanten, levosin, methyluracil, rescuer, sintomitsina and fasten, in addition to hydration, will perform the disinfection and accelerate tissue regeneration. After a few days of sun-damaged epidermis will start to peel and go, and in its place will appear new and soft skin. To protect the young of the dermis, nourish and moisturize ideal creams and ointments on the greasy basis. Will fit almost any vegetable oil, but it is better to give preference to the buckthorn, linseed or vaseline. Remember that sunburn of the skin lead to premature skin aging, leave scars and freckles, and can lead to irreversible changes of the skin and cause cancer. Therefore, sunbathe wisely — take care of yourself!

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