How to determine your hair type. Normal, oily, dry and combination hair

Helping to choose the shampoo, the shopper will inquire about your type of hair: "What they have: oily, dry, normal or combination?"

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To answer this question, it is enough to observe hair 1-2 weeks, and then compare your observation with the following criteria and characteristics.

Normal hair

Hair after washing have a normal appearance, they become oily only after 2-3 days. They are characterized by a smooth and clean Shine, for 2-3 day after washing appears Shine to hair roots. To maintain the hair in good condition, wash them 1 every 2-3 days. Hair of the normal type are of medium size and splendor, the tips are usually a bit dry and can be slightly split. Normal hair is weakly electrified and respond well to styling.

oily Hair

The need for daily cleaning secretes oily hair type among all others. After washing oily hair by the external signs are very similar to hair of normal type, with the same pomp, smooth and clean luster. However by the evening or the next morning, their condition is changing dramatically – they become fat, and from their former extent and grandeur no trace remains. Oily hair type without problems fit, however, kept laying for long and after a few hours loses its initial shape. Oily hair but almost no static electricity, and the tips very rarely split.

Dry hair

Hair dry need cleaning once a week. For these seven days with them are surprising metamorphoses: after the water they look like dry, 3 days later, external evidence is more like normal, and by the end of the week they get fat. Shine dry hair just after shampooing, by the end of the day, the Shine goes into a lean form, but on the second day they become dull and unattractive. For dry hair type is characterized by the presence of a large number of split or broken ends. These hair possess high splendour and volume, they are easily electrified, and laying them is extremely difficult.

Combined hair type

It usually – long hair, the roots are oily, ends are dry and split due to the shortage of lubricating grease. Hair combined (mixed) type need a full bath every 3-4 days. After washing they look like normal, with a clear gloss at the roots and a slight Shine at the tips, but for 2-3 days even gloss at the roots becomes oily and your ends are dull. The phenomenon of electrification is a characteristic of dry ends, and all kinds of styling gives a significant effect only radical styling. The above method will help to determine your hair type only if they are healthy. If the hair is depleted or damaged due to improper care or cosmetic experiments, relate them to a particular type would be very difficult because of the unpredictability and variability of their condition. Let your hair, no matter what type they are, will be healthy and beautiful!

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