How to get rid of Tartar. Simple ways to prevent plaque

Tartar is a problem not only aesthetic character. Late getting rid of Tartar is fraught with the loss of one or more teeth.

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How to start calculus? With a plaque on the wall and the leg of a tooth, consisting of food residue, sludge from tea, coffee and nicotine, saliva, dead cells of the epithelium, various minerals and metabolic products of micro-organisms in the oral cavity in large numbers. After eating on the slightly rough surface of the enamel plaque is inevitably formed from microscopic food residue, which is adhered phosphates, salts of magnesium and calcium, all kinds of fungi, bacteria and other microscopic creatures. If the teeth are not promptly cleaned, the plaque on the neck of the tooth at the gingival margin becomes thicker and hardens. Appeared the stone increases in size and spreads both upwards and down. The gums in the area of the neck of the tooth is inflamed, is the destruction of bone tissue. The teeth become shaky and if nothing is done, they simply fall out. Dental stones are divided into visible (supragingival) and invisible (subgingival). The former have a more soft structure, consisting of saliva, food residues and skin cells. To get rid of them at home. The second is hidden under the edge of the gums, consist of solid deposits of salts of phosphate, magnesium and calcium. To cope with their disposal can only dentist.

Symptoms and causes of Tartar

Bad breath in most cases is the first alarming signal that dental health is threatened. If they are neglected, after some time in the oral cavity will appear itching and discomfort. The gums become inflamed and begin to bleed. Due to the lowering of the gums teeth elongate and begin to stagger. The last symptom indicates that the problem of dental calculus acquired a serious one hygiene not addressed and require immediate intervention specialist-the dentist. One of the main reasons for the emergence of calculus – improper care of teeth and oral cavity. Irregular or improper brushing of teeth, use of poor quality (too soft) toothbrush often lead to the formation of the enamel of the teeth of plaque that turns with time into Tartar. Another reason is malocclusion, defective dental crowns or dentures and unilateral chewing food, caused by disease of the teeth or their absence. In this case, on the surface of teeth not involved in the process of chewing, trapped food particles, causing the formation of plaque. Tartar often appears in people whose diet contains little solid food, since products with rough fibers when chewing clean the teeth from plaque. Due to impaired metabolism or electrolyte balance, digestive diseases, cardiovascular system or diabetes mellitus increases the viscosity of saliva which promotes the formation of the teeth of plaque, instead of having to clean the oral cavity from food debris. Be aware that Smoking, drinking tea or coffee activates the process of fixing the plaque on the teeth.

Prevention and ways of deliverance

To avoid the appearance of Tartar, it is enough to observe elementary rules of hygiene of an oral cavity and teeth: after every meal to brush your teeth once in 7-10 days to use whitening toothpaste, use floss and use mouthwash. Very useful to use in fresh food vegetables, nuts and wholemeal bread, as they remove the chewing surface of the tooth enamel plaque. Especially effectively cleans the teeth from plaque black radish. Get rid of fresh deposits on the surface of the teeth will help the regular consumption of citrus. Perfectly cleans enamel paste, which you can prepare at home. To 1 teaspoon of baking soda, you need to add 10 drops of hydrogen peroxide and 3 drops of lemon juice. The resulting slurry using a cotton swab gently applied to the surface of the teeth, taking care to avoid contact with the gums. After waiting 2 minutes, wash off the paste and rinse mouth thoroughly. To avoid thinning of the tooth enamel procedure was performed not more often than once in 10 days. If at home to cope with dental stone or touch fails, ask for help to the dentist. In the Arsenal of modern dentists have many ways to quickly and painlessly clean the enamel of the teeth from the stone. Let your teeth will always be healthy and beautiful!

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