How to choose a shampoo depending on your hair type. The choice shampoo for normal, dry and oily hair

Due to the fact that every hair type requires an individual approach, the correct choice of shampoo depends on their health and beauty.

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Shampoo for normal hair

Normal hair type while improper care can turn into greasy or dry. So deeply mistaken who thinks that the normal hair doesn't need care and for them suitable shampoo brand any type. Since normal hair wash once in 2-3 days, shampoo to care for them should be suitable for daily use. Best choice for normal hair is a universal shampoo that contains low nutrients. The main task of such tools is to cleanse the hair, avoiding dryness of the scalp. PH balance shampoo for normal hair type should be between 5.5 to 7.

dry Shampoo

Dry hair is usually thin and brittle, with split ends. Often they become so after exposure to chemically aggressive substances in the process of dyeing or perming. If the hair is not subjected to the above treatments in the beauty salon or barbershop, they are dry due to the dryness of the scalp due to its reduced activity of the sebaceous glands. In the first and in the second case, such hair needs special care. It is recommended to wash them once a week, using shampoos that contain strong reducing agents. At the same time, components with cleaning properties in their composition should be little. Owners of dry hair acid-alkaline balance of the scalp and hair is usually shifted to the alkaline side, so they recommended them to shampoo the pH from slightly acidic to normal (4.5 to 6).

Shampoo for oily hair

The main reason for greasy hair is excessive activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. Hair after washing look like hair of normal type, but on the second day become greasy, heavy and shapeless. The need for frequent (3 to 6 times a week) wash is declared that with such care from the surface of the scalp wash off the products of the sebaceous glands and, as a result, hair stays beautiful, supple and obedient. Shampoos for oily hair type should contain a significant amount of detergents and cleaning agents, but nutritional components in them should not be. The level of pH balance of the scalp in people with oily type of hair shifted to an acidic environment, so to return it to normal levels acid-alkaline pH balance shampoo is in the range from 6 to 8.Wrong shampoo will be felt already after one or two-time use. In order to understand that the chosen shampoo is ideal for hair and scalp need regular use for several weeks. Let your hair will be manageable, beautiful and silky!

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