How to determine the state of your health by external attributes

Can you do without visiting the doctor, only external features, to get a General idea of the condition of man? It is possible, and sufficiently accurate.

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Apart from the fact that language serves as a taste receptor, is responsible for articulate speech, provides salivation and chewing, it is very accurate and sensitive indicator of human health. Let's start with color. Dark red or crimson color of the tongue will indicate high body temperature, acute infectious disease, pneumonia, poisoning or ischemia. In case of serious disturbances in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, or in case of a serious infectious disease will have a purple hue. A thick layer of white plaque on the tongue available for persons suffering from occasional constipation. In the case of more serious digestive problems coated tongue turns yellow. For violation of acid-base balance, dehydration or stagnant diseases of the digestive system the color of the tongue coating will be gray. In addition to diseases, the cause of education all of the above plaque can be addicted to Smoking, strong tea or coffee. Pay attention to the surface of the tongue: if it is smooth and shiny — most likely, you have serious stomach aches, anemia, or emaciation, rough and dry surface – evidence of leaking in the body acute allergic process. Kidney disease, blood and serious problems in the endocrine system would indicate numerous cracks on the surface of the tongue. If the language remain the imprints of teeth in the time to talk about the slagging of the body or dysbiosis.


In the case of acute diseases of the digestive system (stomach, liver or spleen), the skin of the human face acquires a strong yellow, blue and skin tone are typical for suffering from oxygen starvation or people with lung problems. Redness of the face is an alarming signal about the fever or serious problems in the cardiovascular system. Greenish color of the skin indicates the exacerbation of gallstone disease, problems with the gastrointestinal tract will tell sallow complexion. Darkening of skin is usually associated with impaired renal function, and flushed cheeks are mostly caused by deficiency of vitamin C. The blue circles under the eyes and functional abnormalities of the heart and circulatory system, black circles characteristic short temper, nervous and overly emotional people. Pronounced red nose testifies to high blood pressure, and blue is about hypotension.


Sweat all. If through the sweat glands to the outside was removed and the water is not evaporated, the temperature of the human body in the case of heat or physical loads grew by 1 degree per hour, and reaching a value of 420 C, the human body simply would have died. Excessive sweating in the absence of nervous tension, physical exertion or high air temperature may indicate dystonia, hormonal failure in an organism and even of TB. Many will tell the smell of sweat. In case of problems with the liver, the sweat smells like fish, if the kidneys do not work for the characteristic sweat smell of ammonia. The smell of rotten eggs would indicate gastric bleeding, vinegar sweat smell in tuberculosis, and rotten apples or acetone – if you have diabetes. The smell of chlorine comes near the pot if you have problems with liver or kidneys.

urine Color

In a healthy person urine color ranges from pale lemon to yellow. If the urine is dark or close to an amber hue, your body lacks fluids and suffering from dehydration. About the excess fluid in the body associated with hypertension or unstable heart will tell almost complete lack of color in urine. The color of meat slops (dark brown) are typical of the urine of person with kidney problems, deep yellow color will indicate diseases of the liver and biliary tract, and pink or purple – evidence of hematuria caused by a variety of diseases. You should know that some medications can give urine the most unexpected shades. In brown it can be painted laxatives, and in the green or blue – antidepressants, anti-inflammatories and painkillers. Take care of yourself! Be always healthy!

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