How to behave in a smoke-filled city. If the city was in the smoke

From car exhaust, burning peat and forest fires life in a smoke-filled city can turn into a real test of strength.

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If the city was enveloped in a pungent and suffocating smog, the main thing is not to panic. Everyone's strength if not to avoid the harmful effects of smoggy air on the body, it is at times to reduce caused them harm.

out of town

The easiest and at the same time challenging the Council. Simple – for those who is in holiday, is retired or has a job with a flexible schedule. Leave their homes in the area smoke and go to the sea, to the river, to the village. Go to the boarding house, sanatorium, recreation, visit relatives or friends. Version pick and choose, depending on family composition, personal finances and family and work circumstances. If you leave the city, shrouded in smoke, is not possible, carefully review the tips outlined below, and, if possible, you should follow them diligently.


The combustion products create an acidic environment, which very adversely affects the condition. To equalize the acid-alkaline balance in the body and reduce the harm of smoky air, it is recommended to use alkaline drinking still water. Refrain from soda altogether. Carbon dioxide, which it's in excess of saturated, will only complicate the already difficult conditions in which your body works. If alkaline water as the drinking water use water – cleansed and lightly salted. Change your usual diet, avoid fatty food, preferring easily digestible foods, fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat more dairy products. To avoid the development of acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory system refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages and limit the maximum number of cigarettes smoked. If you are a non-smoker, actively avoid smoke-filled rooms.


Take throughout the day, warm comfortable shower. Several times a day rinse nose and throat with salt water or saline solution. The simplest form of saline – 0,9% aqueous solution of sodium chloride. For its preparation in house conditions it is necessary to dissolve in 1 liter of boiled water 1 incomplete teaspoon (9 g) normal salt. At least 2 times a day do wet cleaning of residential premises. Water has the property to absorb large quantities of smoke particles, so place the door and window openings air barrier grid of moistened cotton or gauze.

using the devices for air purification

To fully use the benefits of civilization – devices for cleaning the air. If your apartment is equipped with air conditioning with air purification function, turn it on and let the appliance works in night mode ventilation or air conditioning (depending on the ambient temperature). Water filters to clean the air, installed recently in the home, not only clean the air of dust, but not bad enough relieve him from the combustion products. Although they passed the carbon monoxide, but perfectly dissolved in water, other constituents of smoke: oxides of nitrogen and sulfur. Much better do the task of air filters based on activated carbon, in addition to absorbing carbon monoxide and oxides and aromatic hydrocarbons. A good tool in the fight against smog are air ionizers that clean the air, hovering in it microscopic particles. A regular aquarium can also ease breathing. The air passing through the compressor, after the spray turns into small bubbles which, due to the high contact area of air with water, most of the products of combustion dissolve in water to form weak acids. In case of cough, breathlessness, or deterioration of General health definitely seek medical help. Take care of yourself! Be always healthy!

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